Menacing Storm Structure Near Denver

An incredible supercell developed over Denver, CO today, producing a tornado in the process. Check out some of these incredible images of the storm: Tornado warning at #dia. #cowx — Sarah Millett (@SarahMillett) May 21, 2014 Tornado on the ground now south of DIA one mile. Rain wrapped .#cowx @WeatherNation — Jeff Piotrowski […]

WKU Storm Chase

The WKU Storm Chase class woke up near Kansas City Tuesday morning and headed west to SE Wyoming and NW Nebraska for the first “chase” day of the trip. By mid evening, we had caught up to a nice supercell in Goshen County, Wyoming. While this cell did not produce a tornado, it did exhibit nice […]

Why Do You Chase?

“Why do you storm chase?” This is a question I am asked all too often, and rightfully so. Weather is a majestic mystery to the vast majority of the public.  This encapsulates people to want to learn more, and for similar reasons, I take the risks involved with chasing more often than not. The average Joe’s […]