Hurricane Gonzalo Makes Landfall in Bermuda

Hurricane warnings are in effect for Bermuda as Hurricane Gonzalo made landfall over the island this evening. Gonzalo was rated a Category 2 Hurricane upon landfall and the eye passed right over the island around 8:00pm CST. Check out these images from the storm before the eye moved over the Bermuda Boats moored in a […]

Hurricane Warning in Effect for Bermuda

A Hurricane Warning is in effect for Bermuda as Hurricane Gonzalo is expected to impact the island Friday. As per the National Hurricane Center, a Hurricane Warning means that “hurricane conditions are expected within the warning area.” Gonzalo is moving north-northeastward, with the eye forecasted to be near Bermuda by Friday night. Maximum sustained winds […]

Gonzalo Becomes Major Hurricane

Hurricane Gonzalo became a Category 3 hurricane today making it the second major hurricane (Category 3 or higher) to form in the Atlantic this year. Latest infrared satellite imagery shows a clearly defined eye at the center of circulation as this storm has strengthened significantly over the past 48 hours. This storm has a low […]

Atlantic Tropical Update

Tropical activity in the Atlantic Ocean has really heated up since our last update regarding Subtropical Storm Fay. Fay has strengthened over the past few days and has become Hurricane Fay; the fifth hurricane of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season. Hurricane Fay is a category 1 hurricane is currently located nearly 300 miles northeast of Bermuda […]

Tropical Storm Cristobal Will Steer Clear of U.S.

Tropical Storm Cristobal is currently located 105 miles northeast of San Salvador with a low pressure of 993mb. Max sustained winds are currently 58mph with gusts up to 70mph. Luckily, Cristobal  will not impact the U.S. as the large upper-level ridge keeping the eastern U.S. hot will help steer the storm northeast over the Atlantic Ocean. The […]