Spring-Like Weather is Expected to Continue

Good Sunday morning, folks! Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. We have flipped the switch! After brutal cold last week, the spring-like weather is expected to continue across the region. Could you buy a Better Sunday? I mean, remember when we were talking about single digit lows, and wind chills below zero? Yeah, that […]

Temperature Inversion

What’s a temperature inversion?  That term has been tossed around the weather world a lot recently, and I’ve received a number of questions regarding it.  The folks over at the National Weather Service in Louisville recently produced a nice, short write up as to what a temperature inversion actually is.  Here’s a snippet from the […]

The Air Umbrella Is Here

A few individuals have shared this kickstarter campaign with me, and I find it rather intriguing…intriguing enough to share, that is.  The “air umbrella” is making an attempt at being the latest defense against those pesky rain showers. With over $88,000 in funds already pledged, this innovative idea looks to take things to the next […]

Cold Air Funnels Spotted to the West

West of the Bowling Green region, a few cold air funnel clouds were reported. The National Weather Service in Paducah, KY reassures folks that cold air funnels rarely touch down. Furthermore, if they do touch down, they rarely do significant damage. A few isolated showers caused the cold air funnels to condense. Cold air funnels […]

Cooling Trend This Week

Today – Partly Sunny, Increasing Clouds – High 67 / Tonight – Scat’d Showers – Low 40 7am 44 ~ 10am 57 ~ 1pm 63 ~ 4pm 67 ~ 7pm 58 Cold front will approach from our northwest today, causing an increase in cloud coverage as the day progresses.  Tonight, the front will sag to […]