Influx of Sunshine as High Pressure Sets In

Greetings, fellow reader! That dreary trend we had last week felt as if it was never-ending, don’t you think? We deserve nothing more than a day full of sunshine and we’re more than happy to tell you that today will consist of just that!

Hooray! (GIPHY)

Sunshine in Store for Us

Today, a vast amount of the country will be basking in high pressure. Fortunately, that includes the entirety of the WABBLES community. This looks to be the case for most of tomorrow, too.

(Weather Prediction Center)

Thanks to the excessive cloud cover this morning, temperatures will remain close to or at the dew point. This, paired with little to no wind, raises the concern for patchy fog. As always, we urge for you to be cautious when on the roads because of this.

Projected early morning cloud coverage from 5am-9am (Pivotal Weather)

Afterwards, cloud coverage will reduce substantially, leaving us with plentiful sunshine for the remainder of the day. This will allow for temperatures to soar, even having the potential to reach the 50 degree mark this afternoon. By nightfall, we will cool off to the lower 30’s.

Sprinkles by Nightfall

Tomorrow, for the most part, will be dry. However, slight chances for precipitation will arise for later in the day from a passing cold front. At most, we may have a sprinkle of rain here and there.

Projected precipitation for tomorrow night (Pivotal Weather)

In comparison to today, there will be more clouds in the sky, though we will still have our fair share of sunshine. Also, tomorrow will be slightly warmer overall. We hope you can get outdoors at some point, as this will be the warmest we will get this week!

That’s all for today, everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read today’s post! We hope you will seek us out on our social media accounts (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram) when you have the chance!