Repetitive Trend Carries on Into the New Week

Happy Sunday, everybody! Are you getting tired of this quiet trend we’ve been having yet? Neither are we! There’s not much to say on here, but there’s definitely much to do outdoors. We hope you have enough free time today to do so.

We love this weather! (Giphy)

Nothing New for Today

Today, we will see high pressure continue to stick around for most of the Midwest. That means that today’s forecast, as well as tomorrow’s, will be all too familiar. Can you guess it?

Projected surface map for 7am today (Weather Prediction Center)

In other words, the next couple of days will consist of sunny skies, calm winds, low humidity, and above average temperatures. In the afternoon, we may see a high exceed the 80 degree mark and a low drop to the lower 60’s by night.

Brief Disturbance on Tuesday

We don’t mean to sound like a broken record here, but more of the same is to come for Monday. This will be the last day of rather high temperatures, as a cold front is to pass through on Tuesday, cooling us down.

Projected precipitation for the entirety of Tuesday (Pivotal Weather)

With this frontal boundary will come shower chances that will be present for most of the day, as shown in the graphic above. However, this will only be a short disturbance because we will pick back up on the dry trend that we’ve been having on Wednesday and for the rest of the work week.

That’ll do it for today! We hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend! Follow us on our other social platforms for more (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram).