The Continuation of a Sunny and All-Around Pleasant Trend

Good morning, everyone! So far this week, we’ve had our fair share of sunshine and seasonal temperatures, to which will be prominent in our forecast for today and into the weekend. If you don’t have any plans to spend any time outdoors this week, now’s the time to make some!

Today’s forecast will make you wonder…(Giphy)

Forecast on Repeat

Today, we will see the abundance of high pressure throughout the country, making for plenty of fair weather. This will be an ongoing trend for the rest of the week. Therefore, expect for similar conditions that we’ve seen so far this week to carry on into today and into the weekend.

(Weather Prediction Center)

Moreover, the seasonal occurrence of a morning low will be seen once again today. This morning, temperatures will start out in the lower 40’s, climb to the lower 70’s by the afternoon, then drop down to the upper 40’s overnight.

Projected morning low temperatures for today from 5-10am (Pivotal Weather)

Yet again, we will be having another day that has lots of sunshine to offer paired with very low amounts of moisture and the presence of a light breeze. In other words, it couldn’t get any better than this, folks. Get outdoors if you can!

Increasing Clouds Tonight and Into Tomorrow

Tonight, the formation of clouds will take place and will stick around for the start of tomorrow. These won’t pose much of a threat to our sunshine, though, and will most certainly not produce any sort of precipitation.

Projected cloud coverage for tomorrow from 5-10am (Pivotal Weather)

As mentioned earlier, this wonderful trend of weather will continue for the rest of the week. So, for tomorrow and into the weekend, expect a similar forecast with temperatures staying in the same range and sky conditions remaining clear and sunny.

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