Frosty Start Leads to Seasonable Conditions

Happy Monday, folks, and welcome back to WxornotBG! We’re glad you’re here. I hope you had a great weekend! Temperatures as of 6:30 AM are sitting at 30°F, which has caused extensive frost across the area. However, a frosty start leads to more seasonable conditions.

Frosty Start Leads to Seasonable Conditions
How it feels going to work/school this morning! (Tenor)

Below Average Temperatures Today

The coldest air of the season moved in overnight, which was responsible for the Freeze Warning we had in effect until 8 this morning. Now that we’ve switched out of Daylight Saving Time, the sun will rise earlier, brining some sunshine over a frosty Bowling Green.

Overnight lows recorded by the Kentucky Mesonet. That’s cold! (KY Mesonet)

We will see plentiful sunshine today, which will hopefully make up for the cooler than average temperatures. Highs today are only expected to reach the low 50’s.

Temperatures drop back to near the freezing point overnight as those clear skies stick with us into the morning.

Fall-Like Temps Return

Tuesday will feature more sunshine as high pressure takes control. As it moves across the South, it’s position will shift from funneling cooler air to funneling warmer, Gulf air into our area.

Frosty Start Leads to Seasonable Conditions
Take a look at the high pressure to our south. As it moves further east, it will funnel warmer air into our area as the week progresses. (WPC)

This will help those temperatures rise this week back to more fall-like conditions. Highs Tuesday will climb into the low 60’s. More sunshine is set to be with us on Wednesday as temperatures climb further into the upper 60’s.

Dry Weather Looking to Stick Around

Another plus with being under a high pressure is that rain chances remain slim. That’s remains true for this week and even into this weekend. Enjoy it while you can , because as we approach winter, cloudy days will become more common!

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Stay warm today!