A Split Weekend Forecast for WABBLES

Finally, it’s the weekend! Thank you for checking out our blog today. We’ve had a rather consistent pattern of weather throughout the week. It turns out, this weekend will not be so predictable. The forecast will be split, giving us the best of both worlds!

This weekend’s forecast be like… (Giphy)

A Mainly Dry and Sunny Start

If you plan to be on the road early this morning, be careful! There is a possibility that there will be an abundance of patchy fog within our area. Don’t worry, though, as it will clear up as the sun starts to rise and when most are already awake and on the road.

Today, we’ll be given a much-needed break from the stormy weather pattern that we’ve seen all week. Although the pesky moisture in the air will remain, the cloud cover we’ve seen will reduce substantially. In comparison to the mostly cloudy conditions we’ve had, we’ll have the opposite, with mostly sunny skies throughout the day.

A snippet, from 12pm-5pm, of today’s projected cloud cover
(via the HRRR model, Pivotal Weather)

Along with that, temperatures will reach the upper 80’s by the afternoon and drop down to the low 70’s by the nighttime. As far as the heat index goes, we won’t see it exceed 90 degrees. Regardless, we can look forward to a light to gentle breeze today to help out with the heat and humidity.

Another snippet from 12pm-7pm, but this time of projected temperatures
(HRRR Model, Pivotal Weather)

Storm Chances Return Sunday

Tomorrow, a cold front will be passing through the area early in the morning, bringing about another round of active weather. As of now, shower and storm chances stand at 30%. We can anticipate for these scattered cells to be most common from 7am to 5pm.

Outlook for tomorrow at 7am (Weather Prediction Center)

Because of this, the skies will become once more mostly cloudy. Our temperatures will remain fairly low, peaking in the lower 80’s and dropping to the upper 60’s. And, of course, the content of moisture in the air will be prominent, making for rather muggy conditions.

That’s all for today! We hope you have a wonderful weekend. For more, follow us on our other social platforms (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram)!