Consistent Hot and Stormy Conditions to End the Weekend

Good morning, WABBLES! Welcome back to our page. Today will be yet another hot and humid day for the books. For a portion of it, we’ll be dealing with those pop-up storms that we’ve become familiar with thanks to the trend of active weather we saw last week.

If only it were up to us… (Giphy)

More Pop-Up Storms on the Way

We’ll start seeing the activity of the atmosphere pick up around 1pm in some parts of our area today. Expect for there to be sporadic storms until nightfall. Threats that may accompany these include heavy rainfall, gusty winds, and frequent lightning.

A precipitation outlook from 1-8pm produced by the HRRR model (Pivotal Weather)

Other than that, today’s outlook remains consistent with last week’s: hot and humid. We won’t see temperatures exceed the 90 degree mark, but uncomfortable amounts of moisture will remain, making conditions feel hotter than they actually are. There’s a chance that heat indices may reach the triple digits.

Predicted heat indices from 12-5pm, via HRRR model (Pivotal Weather)

Throughout the day, skies will be partly cloudy. We will have a steady, light breeze blowing from the southwest that will hopefully provide some relief from the heat. Make sure you stay hydrated!

Update on the Tropics

Overnight, both of the active cyclones within our tropics weakened substantially. This is a normal occurrence whenever these widespread systems move into areas of cooler ocean waters, or on land. In other words, depriving them of the factors that keep them going.

As of this morning, Hanna lost her title as a hurricane and is now a tropical storm. The National Hurricane Center predicts that she’ll become a depression at the start of tomorrow and eventually wither away by the afternoon. Below is Hanna currently.

(GOES-16 Satellite Imagery)

On the other hand, Douglas remains a Category 1 Hurricane and is expected to be in close proximity with Oahu, of the Hawaiian Islands, by tonight. The National Hurricane Center predicts that he’ll become a tropical storm by tomorrow night and dissipate at open sea. Below is Douglas currently.

(GOES-16 Satellite Imagery)

That’ll do for today’s blog! We hope you have a fun end to your weekend! Don’t forget to follow us on our other platforms (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram).

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