An Even Hotter, Drier Day In Store for WABBLES

Good morning, everyone! Welcome back to our blog. Today will be another scorcher with hot, dry conditions throughout day. In other words, the air conditioning unit of your home or workplace will be your best friend.

All hail the A.C. unit! (Giphy)

Today’s Outlook

We will see similar conditions as yesterday, though they will be slightly amplified. Expect the mercury and heat indices to reach the mid-90’s with little to no cloud coverage to offer any sort of relief. In addition to this, the humidity plans to stick around, quite literally!

Temperature outlook for 12-5pm (HRRR model, Pivotal Weather)

Throughout the day, there will be a gentle breeze in our area. As shown below, winds will range from 3 to 14 miles per hour. Unfortunately for us, these breezes will consist of hot air, so it won’t be as refreshing as we’d like it to be.

These are the projected wind speeds produced by the HRRR model (Pivotal Weather)

More Information on Wind (Just for Fun)

The symbols expressed to show wind speed and wind direction in the previous graphic are known as “wind barbs”.

(National Weather Service)

We can read the wind speed, in knots, from the barbs and/or filled triangles. For reference, a short barb represents 5 knots, a long barb 10 knots, and a filled triangle 50 knots. If there are multiple, we add them.

We can read wind direction from the angle the wind barb points. Where the tip points indicates the direction in which the wind is blowing towards. For instance, the ones shown above show that the wind is blowing towards the east.

Friendly Reminders

Per usual, we want to make sure everyone stays happy and healthy today! With a UV Index of 10 paired with the forecast for the day, take precautions if you plan on spending any time outdoors. Below are some friendly reminders from our team to you!

Stay hydrated!

Wear sunglasses!

Wear sunblock!

Take breaks in cool spaces!

That’s all for today! We hope you all can spend even a fraction of your day outside to enjoy these conditions. Follow us @wxornotBG on our other platforms (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram).

wx 7/15/20

Overwhelming heat & humidity today lead into increasing shower & storm chances Thursday into Friday.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, July 15, 2020