WABBLES Acquires Wet and Muggy Trend

Good morning, everyone! Welcome back to our blog. Today’s forecast will come as no shock to you, as the trend of classic summer conditions carry on into today as well as the days to come.


What To Expect Today

Today, fog will be lingering around the area in the early hours of the morning while you’re most likely on your way to work. Do drive with caution! Don’t worry, though, it’ll clear up after 7am.

There are many factors that come into play with the formation of fog. However, in the simplest of terms, we can predict that fog will be present this morning because the temperature will lower to the dew point. Also, winds will be calm, therefore preventing the mixture of moist and dry air.

We can see that temperature (red) and dew point (green) are equal this morning
(National Weather Service)

Any other atmospheric phenomena to be expected will be the chance of pop-up storms between 2 and 7pm. There will be little threat with these as far as severity goes. At most, these pop-up’s will produce thunder and some lightning.

As shown in this model, the most active hours of the day will be between 2-7pm
(Pivotal Weather)

Other than that, today will be mostly sunny with temperatures peaking in the lower 90’s and falling to the upper 70’s by nightfall. Unfortunately, it’ll be muggy the entire day.

Take Precautions for Dangerous Heat

For our own health, it’s important to be mindful of what the temperature feels like with relation to relative humidity. In other words, we know this as the heat index. Yesterday, we saw the heat index reach triple digits. Today, we’ll see the same.

The heat index (yellow) will reach 102 degrees today (National Weather Service)

According to the National Weather Service, today’s heat index is within the category of dangerous as far as likelihood of acquiring a heat disorder goes. Possible outcomes of prolonged exposure or strenuous activity include sunstroke, muscle cramps, and/or heat exhaustion.

Stay healthy, everyone! We hope you have a wonderful day. Do follow us on our other platforms at @wxornotBG (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram).

wx 7/8/20

Another scorcher today under partly sunny skies; pop up storms will again make a cameo this afternoon.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, July 8, 2020