Rising Temperature Trend This Week

Good morning South-Central Kentucky! We’re glad to have you start your week with us. Thank goodness for the surprise showers yesterday morning, because it’s been, and will be, a dry one. We’re also expecting a rising temperature trend for this week.

Rising Temperature Trend This Week
Any weather is ice cream weather, but especially this week! (Giphy)

“Heat Dome” Develops

We’re going to start today’s post with a little meteorology lesson explaining what’s going to happen this week. As we progress through the coming days, a high pressure will set up over the Southeast. Below is the surface map forecasted for Friday.

Rising Temperature Trend This Week
Surface map valid for this Friday. The high pressure near TN and NC is what we’re focused on. (WPC)

This high pressure sits in a location prime for raising air temperatures, but how? Air in a high pressure flows in a clockwise direction, so a high pressure sitting here will pull warm air from the Gulf of Mexico and send it our way.

That air gets “trapped” under this high pressure, much like under a lid. This forms a “heat dome,” and temperatures can get very hot. This is often what happens when we experience heat waves.

Rising Temperature Trend This Week
An example of what happens in a heat dome. Hot air gets trapped! (The Daily Coin)

So How Hot Will We Get?

Since we won’t see this setup until Friday, we won’t see our hottest temperatures until then. Also, since this is a high pressure we’re talking about, we can expect lots of sunshine this week.

Today we will have another cooler, more comfortable June day near 80° with plentiful sunshine. Low dew points will add to the splendor and make for a great day to get outside.

Tuesday will see highs climb into the low 80’s, followed by highs in the mid 80’s on Wednesday. Sunny skies can be expected both days as well.

The ECMWF model prediction for how hot our temperatures will get this week. Gets higher every day! (Pivotal Weather)

The climb continues into Thursday and Friday, where we could see highs reach 90°. This isn’t out of the ordinary for June of course, but it’s still pretty dang hot!

Want to learn more about heat domes? Check out this awesome website!

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Have a great Monday!

wx 6/15/20

Impeccable weather to start out the work week; heat & humidity increase as we progress toward the weekend.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Monday, June 15, 2020