Gorgeous Conditions to Finish out May

Gooooooood morning South-Central, Kentucky! Hopefully yesterday you were able to view the SpaceX launch and witness history! We are kicking off the final day of the month and ringing in June. Expect gorgeous conditions to to finish out May. Does anyone else feel like this month went by in about the blink of an eye?

Blasting out of May like… (giphy.com)

Agitated Allergies

Before I get going on the forecast, I wanted to quickly mention the status on pollen. Even though we are towards the end of the spring season, I feel that myself and others are getting sucker punched by allergies…especially so far this weekend.

Severe Grass Pollen in store for today. (Pollen.com)

Yesterday the tree pollen count was moderate while today we will be dealing with grass pollen at a high count. Make sure to take your allergy pill if you are affected at all by seasonal allergies!

Another Picture-Perfect Day

WABBLES is currently out ahead of an upper-level ridge which will bring us pleasant weather today and in the days to come. Winds coming out of the north will keep temperatures in a comfy range and will reduce heating. We will top out at about 75 degrees and remain sunny all day long making for a gorgeous day.

A large upper-level ridge positions itself upstream from Bowling Green. (Pivotal Weather)

Overnight, we remain clear but the low will drop down to a chilly 48 degrees.

Warm-Up on the Way

As we head into the beginning of the week, the upper-level ridge will move north of us and we will remain under it making for a speedy warming trend. On Monday, temperatures will break 80 degrees, and by Tuesday, the region will be close to breaking 90 degrees.

Temps approach 80 degrees on Monday. (Pivotal Weather)

We will remain dry with these toasty conditions under mostly sunny skies. The overnight lows for Monday and Tuesday will be in the mid to lower 60s. Great camping weather if you have a tent!


Wednesday will once again be sunny and top out around 90. Wahooo!

That’s all for today, folks. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow our social media accounts, @wxornotBG, for real-time weather updates. Have a wonderful week!