Silent, Sunny Weekend Ahead for WABBLES

Good Thursday morning, everyone! Haven’t the past few days been wonderful weather-wise? Spring may not be here yet, but it sure feels like it. After a stormy start to the week, we can expect a silent, sunny weekend for WABBLES.

The weather trying to make up for a rainy winter and severe weather like…(Tenor)

Another Spring-Like Day

Between the sunshine and the warm temperatures, it has sure felt like spring. We will get one more of those days today. With a cold front approaching from the west, temperatures ahead of it will be warming significantly. Therefore, we will end up in the mid 60’s today for highs.

Silent, Sunny Weekend Ahead for WABBLES
Warmer air is being pulled up from the Gulf of Mexico as a cold front approaches. (Aviation Weather)

Winds will feel a little breezy today as they pick up speed ahead of the cold front. This will help push out some clouds hanging around this morning and leave us with plenty of sunshine today.

The dry cold front is expected to pass later tonight, bringing nothing more than some chilly overnight temperatures. Lows tonight will end up in the mid 30’s.

Winter Briefly Returns

After the cold front passes, temperatures will drop and the wind will pick up as well. In other words, it will remind us what winter feels like. Temperatures will cool dramatically, only reaching the mid 40’s for a high on Friday.

cooler temperatures return
The cold front will drop temperatures dramatically and leave us will a cool Friday. (Pivotal Weather)

Windy conditions will make it feel a little chillier, too. Winds could blow to near 20 mph, with possible gusts in the 30 mph range. Secure any loose outdoor items now! But despite the cool conditions, it will be dry Friday with a chance to see the sun later in the afternoon.

Conditions improve on Saturday, but it will remain chilly. Technically, it is still winter. Highs will warm slightly into the mid 50’s with windspeeds dying down to only around 5 mph. The sunshine sticks around, too, making for a beautiful March weekend.

Silent, Sunny Weekend Ahead for WABBLES
Silent, sunny weekend ahead for WABBLES. (Pivotal Weather)

Above Average Temperatures Return

Looking into the beginning of next week, temperatures look to rebound and climb back into above average territory. Average for the beginning of March is in the mid 50’s. Additionally, our next round of rain will move in Monday night into Tuesday, but at this point it looks to only be some showers.

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Enjoy the sunshine!

Wx 3/5/2020

Chance for a late sprinkle but otherwise, things look dry heading into the weekend.Details in your Final Finish Morning Video Update!

Posted by Landon Hampton on Thursday, March 5, 2020