Quiet Weather Returns to WABBLES

We have been stuck in an active pattern for the start of the year, with a February 1 to 18 rainfall total of 5.03 inches, which is 2.46 inches above normal. Since January 1, we have received 9.79 inches of rain, which is 3.61 inches above normal. Luckily we will finally see a break as quiet weather returns to WABBLES.

Current Skycover

Current satellite imagery shows the cloud deck overhead is starting to move out of the region, opening up to much needed clear skies.

Clouds on the way put this morning. (NOAA/NWS)

We can even see that on our wxornotBG skycams around WABBLES. Here is our DamCam out at Nolin Lake Dam, which is already showing those beautiful blue skies and the cloud deck exiting.

Nolin Lake DamCam this morning.

Dominating High Pressure

A dominating high pressure located over the Dakotas will bring cooler air to the Ohio Valley. We will see sunny skies, with some clouds mixed in, and winds out of the northeast.

Winds out of the northeast thanks to high pressure in the Dakotas. (Pivotal Weather)

Under mostly sunny skies, we will see temperatures slightly below normal, with highs around 48ºF. Normal for mid February is 50ºF. Winds will stay at or below 10 mph, so conditions make for a rather nice day ahead!

Walking out the door today like.. (Giphy)

Clouds will be on the increase during the evening and nighttime hours as a low pressure system will impact the Gulf states well to our south. Under overcast skies, our low temperature will be around 32ºF, with winds still out of the northeast.

Cloudy Conditions for Thursday

Clouds will hang around for Thursday as the rainy weather moves to our south. We should stay dry, but a few models are hinting at some very light showers, possibly even just sprinkles, making their way north of the KY/TN border, as seen below.

The NAM 3km guidance hints at some light rain for Thursday at 9 AM. (Pivotal Weather)

The entire system will stay well to our south, and confidence is low for any rain showers to make it this far north. Should some light precipitation occur, it will remain liquid, and should not cause any impacts given the weakness and short-lived expectancy, despite well-saturated soils.

Tomorrow’s temperatures will be much cooler than today, and should only reach around 40ºF. Winds will continue to be out of the northeast, which is continuing to help transport that colder air from the north down to the Ohio Valley. We may see the clouds begin to break apart by the afternoon and evening hours, but there is still some model guidance disagreement, so confidence remains low we will see sunshine for tomorrow.

GFS guidance for sky cover at 6 pm tomorrow. (Pivotal Weather)

Confidence is much high that we will have clear skies Thursday night and early Friday morning. Those clear skies along with continued northeast winds will allow for temperatures to plummet into the lower 20s.

Sunny but Cool Friday

The high pressure is slowly progressing to the south this week, and should be in our neck of the woods by the weekend. But until then, sunshine and cooler temperatures will stick around to end the work week. Afternoon highs will once again be around 40ºF.

Friday maximum temperatures (Pivotal Weather)

Skies will remain clear for Friday night, so enjoy the dry weather if you’re going out. It will be another bitter cold night, so dress warm! Temperatures at 6 pm will be around 36ºF, and 26ºF by midnight. We will hit our low of 22ºF overnight on Saturday morning.

When we all go out with friends Friday night (Giphy)

Next Week Temperature Outlook

The Climate Prediction Center has issued their latest 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook, which covers from February 26 to March 3. The outlook features a strong probability of seeing much cooler temperatures than normal for late February and early March. The normal high temperature for that time frame is around 54ºF.

8-14 Day Temperature Outlook (CPC)

That wraps up today’s forecast. Hope you have a great Wednesday! Make sure to look for the Afternoon Video Update on Facebook and the Afternoon Weather Story on Twitter, only at @wxornotBG.