Lots of Rain Headed This Way

Good morning, Kentucky! Happy Tuesday and welcome back to wxornotBG. We have lots of rain headed this way over the next few days that will bring the potential for flooding in some areas. I’ve got all the details below!

Our temperatures will stay abnormally warm again today thanks to southwest winds. Reaching the low-60s for a high will be accompanied by rain pretty much all day long. How much rain should we expect? Quite a bit.

At least an inch of rain is to be expected across WABBLES. (Pivotal Weather)

Today’s Rain

  • As of 6:00 AM, WKU has already received 0.62″ of rain overnight, which is approximately 0.4″ more than the models were predicting for this time (WSWX).
  • The northern end of WABBLES (Butler and Edmonson Counties) is within the area that could potentially receive 3-4″ of rain before midnight. This swath of higher totals has moved northeast over the past several model runs.
  • The rest of WABBLES (Warren, Allen, Barren, Logan, and Simpson Counties) could still see between 1.5-2″ of rain before midnight. With much higher totals just a few miles north, any shifting of this system could change totals quite a bit.
  • Lastly, don’t be surprised if you hear a few rumbles of thunder tonight.
Wear your rain jacket and boots today! (COD)

Tomorrow’s Rain

  • Rain is expected to continue into tomorrow and throughout most of the day.
  • Although not as much rain is expected to fall tomorrow, another 0.5″ could be added to our totals from today.
  • Winds will shift to the northeast, so tomorrow will feel like a cooler rain compared to today’s.

Thursday’s Rain

  • Chances of rain will start to dwindle on Thursday but the potential is still there.
  • Any additional rainfall on Thursday should approximately stick around or below 0.1″.
  • With the rain maker cold front well past us, temperatures could drop below freezing overnight on Thursday and bring a few flurries.
According to our friends at NWS Louisville, the WABBLES area could see 3-4″ of rain by Thursday morning. (NWS Louisville)

Wait… is that the sun?

The sun paused for dramatic effect long enough and will finally show its face again on Friday. With partly sunny skies, we’ll hopefully make it over the 40° mark. All in all, at least the rain will be over.

Could the rain really be over? Yes! (Giphy)

That concludes today’s post! Be sure to follow @wxornotBG on Twitter for live updates regarding this week’s rain. Have a great soggy Tuesday!

Wx 2/4/20

Soaking rain, rumbles of thunder are on the docket for the foreseeable future; some snowflakes to follow as we end the work week?Details in your Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, February 4, 2020