Frigid Conditions Grip the WABBLES Region

Good morning, friends! I hope you are staying warm out there as frigid conditions grip the WABBLES region. While temperatures are cold, it’s the wind that is causing the outdoor temperatures to feel like they are almost unbearable. Read below to find out how much longer this frigid streak continues.



Today will be dominated by sunny skies as a result of an upper-level ridge moving through the region. The sunshine will be very deceiving. Don’t expect temperatures to rise above 32 degrees. Along with this, wind gusts will be 26 mph making the wind chill values be in the teens.

Wind gusts could reach 26 mph making the air temperature feel like it is in the single digits. (Pivotal Weather)

As the night time hours approach, expect clear skies with the temperature plummeting to about 16 degrees. The wind chill will feel like it is in the single digits so bundle up! I recommend a hot chocolate to make it through the day.


Again, the sunny skies will be very deceiving on Monday. The outdoor temperature will reach 31 degrees, however, a light breeze out of the north will make the air feel to be about 20 degrees. Monday night we will finally see the winds start to die down which will help to get rid of the wind chill. Temperatures Monday night look to be 19 degrees with partly cloudy skies.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Dry conditions will remain in the WABBLES region into mid week. Along with this, we will also start to warm up a bit. On Tuesday, temperatures will top out at 38 degrees accompanied by sunny skies. The low will reach 21 degrees. On Wednesday, we will again see sunny skies but with a high of 47 degrees. The nighttime low will reach 30 degrees accompanied by mostly cloudy skies.

The map shows that South-Central Kentucky is denominated by an area of high pressure which is responsible for bringing dry conditions to the region.

That’s about it for today’s post. I hope you stay warm out there these next couple of days! Don’t forget to follow our live twitter feed @wxornotBG for all things weather. Have a great week.