Weekend Rollercoaster Continues

Temperatures this week have been all over the place and this weekend will be no different. An approaching weather system will bring warmth and rain before another cold shot greets us. That’s right, we’ll start chilly, get quite mild and finish up rather cold as the weekend rollercoaster continues.

Seasonable for Friday

Make no mistake, it is a chilly one across the WABBLES region this morning, with temperatures starting the day in the middle to upper 20s across the region. And you can thank high pressure for that.

Big ol’ H up north = cold. At least, in winter. (WPC)

This area of high pressure will scoot on to the east during the day today, allowing clouds to build back in from the west. This, combined with the cold airmass already in place, will mean temperatures staying close to seasonal norms for highs…if not a tad below.

If you like a little winter during the winter season like I do, this should be your reaction. (NBA/Giphy)
If you like a little winter during the winter season like I do, this should be your reaction. (NBA/Giphy)

Highs this afternoon should top out not far from about 42°. Easterly breezes will be present but not overwhelming around 5-10 MPH. It’s also right around this time that we may see a few showers try to work their way into the region.

HRRR thinks this could be as early as 5pm. (Pivotal Weather)

The later into the evening we go, the greater the chance for rain, but the main show will hold off until the day on Saturday. Overnight lows stay near steady, around 40°.

Warm, Wet, Windy Saturday

This Saturday bears a few similarities to last Saturday. Winds won’t be as high and the storms won’t be severe…but the resemblance is there. Suffice to say, those window shutters may still be banging against the side of the house like an Astros employee expecting an off-speed pitch (…allegedly).

(Simpson’s World/Giphy)

It will be yet another day where we’ll see a quick warmup (thanks to southwesterly breezes), a cold front sweep through with the possibility of heavy rain, followed by a much cooler evening as cold air filters in. Showers should be ongoing to start the day.

Looks soggy. (Pivotal Weather)

It’s this time during the morning when temperatures will soar, thanks to winds that could gust upwards of 40 MPH. This should allow readings to reach about 57°, but it wouldn’t shock me to see a few 60° observations either. It’s around this time, sometime in the late morning or early afternoon, that the front should move through with a line of gusty showers.

The NAM has this line out of here by noon, but I think it could hang around until the early afternoon hours. (Pivotal Weather)

We’re not expected any severe weather (or really any thunder at all) with these, but some quick, gusty showers will greet us. Not expecting a ton of rain, but anywhere from a quarter to half an inch sounds about right. Once these end, the front will have passed and those gusty gales will be coming out of the northwest…allowing us to cool down quite a bit during the afternoon.

The NAM is definitely underdoing high temperatures here but it’s still a good illustration. (Pivotal Weather)

Thanks to these new northwesterly breezes, overnight temperatures will quickly tumble as we start to clear out, down to about 25°.

Cold and Dry to Finish the Long Weekend

The cold front will have taken most of the moisture along with it as it high-tailed it on our of here for Saturday and that mean’s we’ll be clearing out but staying cold.

When Mother Nature brings a little winter to winter. (Giphy)

Highs on Sunday stick around 30° or so as slightly breezy conditions result in wind chills between 20-25°. During the afternoon hours. Yes, you read that right.

Welcome back to Wintertown, population *gestures around the region* (Pivotal Weather)

After a bone-chilling low near 15° for Sunday night (yes…15°), Martin Luther King Jr. Day looks to be even colder, where we may not even hit 30°.

That’s what clear skies and light winds will do for you. Yes, even with the sun out. (Pivotal Weather)

After another gelid night with lows near 20° or so. Things begin to slowly moderate through the new week.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on a soggy Saturday and a frigid weekend. Have a terrific Friday!