A Warmer Weekend for WABBLES

A fairly quiet weekend before wet conditions return next week

We made it to the weekend with warmer weather incoming! The pesky rain showers that have been lingering have also seemingly taken a break for now, returning late Sunday night and especially Monday. There will still be more than enough cloud cover this weekend as we wake up this Saturday morning to a slow moving cloud deck, but conditions should remain dry today. Temperatures will slowly climb into the upper 50s today and tomorrow before reaching as high as 60 on Monday, which is of course ahead of our next cold front.

First light shows the stratus deck across most of southern KY. (NASA/MSFC)


Surface high-pressure is sitting over the Ohio Valley right now and that has been pushing colder air into the area overnight, with much of WABBLES around 40 degrees. The good news though folks, is that this high-pressure will start to drift off to the East today and this will open the door for warmer air to our South to return. It won’t be a “warm” day, but temps should reach 50 degrees at least, especially as the clouds currently overhead slowly retreat leading to clearer skies.

High resolution model forecast for surface temps today. (College of Dupage)


Sunday starts off similar to Saturday with dry, calm conditions. Temps will again reach the 50’s during the day tomorrow but there will be signs of our next system knocking on the door. Wind will be increasing to the 15-20mph range and cloud cover will become more dense again. It seems most likely that rain showers will hold off until around midnight Sunday/Monday and the warmer temps will make it more comfortable though so it’s not an unpleasant Sunday at all.

Glimpse at Next Week

Our next real weather system seems poised to arrive Monday. Rain will begin late Sunday night and increase throughout the day on Monday. Temps Monday will reach the 60 degree mark so there is a silver lining, but it will unfortunately be short-lived as they will again free-fall by Tuesday night. Wind gusts will also be in the 20-25mph range so hold on to those umbrellas.

There is a good possibility that the backside of this system will bring some snowfall, perhaps an inch or two according to recent model data. At this time the transition between rain and snow feels too uncertain to really attempt to be too specific but it is worth watching.

We’ll definitely be keeping you posted on the upcoming system but for now, enjoy your weekend WABBLES!