Rain Finishes Out The Holiday Weekend

Hope everyone out there had a great Thanksgiving yesterday and had as much turkey (or meat/non-meat of your choice) as you could muster. Now that that’s over with, we can turn our eyes over to Christmas shopping as Black Friday is upon us. And I, personally, would see if there are any deals on jackets or umbrellas because rain finishes out the holiday weekend.

Friday Starts Dry

Your best time for shopping will be during the daylight hours, because that will likely be our driest time.

Disclaimer: this post not sponsored by Macy's. (Macy's/Giphy)
Disclaimer: this post not sponsored by Macy’s. (Macy’s/Giphy)

We’ll still be under the influence of an upper level ridge, meaning we’ll stay cloudy…but dry. Perfect for lugging all those bags to the car. Thanks to the cloud cover, though, temperatures will remain on the rather cool side, only making it up to about 50° or so.

Today's forecast highs. (Pivotal Weather)
Today’s forecast highs. (Pivotal Weather)

It’s this evening that we have to worry about rain filtering back into the region as our next weathermaker approaches from the west.

The leading edge moves in this evening. (Pivotal Weather)
The leading edge moves in this evening. (Pivotal Weather)

With clouds and showers making their way in, our low temperatures will remain above normal, around 40° or so.

Showers Arrive Along a Saturday Cold Front

The warm front of this particular weather system will move through the area during the morning hours on Saturday. This will do two things: kick up those winds (back to between 5-15 MPH, gusts up to 30 MPH possible), and kick up those temperatures back above average.

Look at this hoss of a storm system. (WPC)
Look at this hoss of a storm system. (WPC)

High temperatures on Saturday will climb to about 63° or so thanks to those southwest breezes…before the rain arrives. It will be a mild and windy day with those on and off showers.

I am in love with gif...which I have titled "It Ain't Easy Bein' Breezy." (Giphy)
I am in love with gif…which I have titled “It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Breezy.” (Giphy)

The cold front associated with this storm will start to sweep through during the evening hours Saturday and early on Sunday.

Here it comes...around 9pm Saturday, according to the NAM. That might be a tad fast. (Pivotal Weather)
Here it comes…around 9pm Saturday, according to the NAM. That might be a tad fast. (Pivotal Weather)

Just ahead of the front, wind gusts may approach 40 MPH as the last line of gusty showers moves through early Sunday. The cooler conditions will lag behind the front a bit, leaving us with a relatively “mild” Saturday night low around 45°.

A Little Bit of Everything Sunday

Sunday’s kinda like the first plate at Thanksgiving dinner, you have to have just a little bit of everything.

Well, believe it. (Giphy)
Well, believe it. (Giphy)

We’ll start out early in the morning with the front moving through giving us a rather wet and windy early morning. After this, skies may clear to an extent, providing a nice, though chilly and windy, start if you’re headed out to early services.

A little like this. But with some sunshine. (Giphy)

We keep the windiness with us in the afternoon as clouds increase ahead of a weak disturbance poised to move through during the nighttime hours on Sunday and early Monday. Clouds won’t move the high much, though. We’ll peak near 50° or so around midday before falling through the afternoon. That’s when thing’s get interesting.

Yes, that's snow. Uh...I can explain. (Pivotal Weather)
Yes, that’s snow. Uh…I can explain. (Pivotal Weather)

Our temperatures on Sunday night are going to fall to near freezing thanks to the colder airmass in place. There may be just enough moisture associated with this system to squeeze out a few snow flakes, and depending on the trajectory of the wind, these can be enhanced by Lake Michigan. Yes, lake enhanced snow…in Kentucky! These likely won’t amount to much, but a few flurries would be just the perfect thing to get everyone in the Christmas mood, right?

Calming Down Next Week

After about an inch of rain, another windy day and a flirtation with flurries, sounds like we could use some quiet weather. Good news is…it’s on the way! Mostly sunny skies take over for the first half of the week as highs settle right around 50°.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on that soggy weekend forecast. Have a terrific Friday!