A Chilly Weekend On the Way

A bone-chilling Friday morning out there as you’re getting up and out the door this morning. We were able to clear out overnight and drop below freezing for the first time in awhile. Even though we’ll break back out into sunshine, this portends a chilly weekend on the way!

Freezing Start, And End, to Friday

High pressure is settling into the area this morning and that is helping lead to some chilly readings after the passage of yesterday’s cold front.

This morning's forecast surface chart. (WPC)
This morning’s forecast surface chart. (WPC)

We’ll keep sunshine around this afternoon, though it’s not going to help us a whole lot in the temperature department. It’ll still be a day to bundle up as temperatures won’t make it much past 50º.

The HRRR thinks we don't even quite make 50º. (Pivotal Weather)
The HRRR thinks we don’t even quite make 50º. (Pivotal Weather)

It will look beautiful outside, though, and I will take that after the dreariness of yesterday. You’re definitely going to want to bundle up if you’re heading out to high school football tonight. With those clear skies and light winds, we’ll cool back near freezing for a low again tonight.

How you'll want to spend tonight. (Giphy)
How you’ll want to spend tonight. (Giphy)

Slight Improvement for Saturday

Similar conditions to today look to set up as we begin the weekend proper. Mostly sunny skies look to continue…but so will the cool afternoon temperatures.

I mean...a few degrees warmer...right? (Pivotal Weather)
I mean…a few degrees warmer…right? (Pivotal Weather)

Additionally, we’ll see some northwesterly winds kick up as we head into the afternoon. This will make it a breezy affair if you’re going out to see WKU try to get win #6 as the Lane Train brings the Florida Atlantic Owls into town for a 3:00 PM showdown at The Houch.

Let's repeat this, shall we? (Giphy)
Let’s repeat this, shall we? (Giphy)

Winds should die down late, and combining that with clear skies, it’ll help us drop below freezing again…settling for a low right around 27º.

A Smidgen Warmer

Sunday will be nearly a carbon copy of our Saturday…though you will definitely need the heavier coats if you’re headed out to early Sunday services as temperatures slowly climb through the 30s.

We're talking Costanza-strength. (Giphy)
We’re talking Costanza-strength. (Giphy)

Good news is that we’ll end up just a touch warmer for Sunday afternoon thanks fewer clouds overhead…this will still be cooler than average, though, as highs end up near 55º.

NAM running cool...as usual. (Pivotal Weather)
NAM running cool…as usual. (Pivotal Weather)

This warmer afternoon means a slightly warmer overnight low…but still right around freezing Sunday night. Quite an appropriate start to November.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on that chilly weekend forecast. Have a terrific Friday!