Cooler Air Replaces the Rain

Good Saturday morning, everyone! Glad you could stop by. Wet conditions will stick around for a little while longer, but once it moves out, cooler air will replace the rain as we start the new week.

In case you didn’t know…(Tenor)

The Rain Keeps Falling

The rain moved into the Bowling Green area around lunchtime on Friday, and it’s been wet ever since. That will extend into most of our day Saturday. We could see a few breaks here and there, but for the most part, keep that umbrella handy. Winds will pick up as well, potentially into the 20 mph range, as the strengthening storm system passes over us. Maybe a good stay inside day.

We could see around an inch more of rainfall here in the WABBLES area. (PivotalWeather)

Otherwise, high temperatures will be near normal in the low 70’s. As we accumulate more rain, just a reminder to avoid flooded roads if you happen to come across one. The rain will move out by Saturday night, leaving a low temperature in the low 50’s.

Pleasant Start to New Week

Once the rain moves out, we will start to see conditions improve. Sunday will start with some clouds, but will clear up as the day goes on. Winds will have died down by this time as well. High temperatures will only make it into the upper 60’s, but it will definitely be a better day to be outside.

The high pressure pushes the rain out of our area and brings some beautiful conditions for the new week. (WPC)

Lows Sunday night will drop to near 50 degrees before warming up again to near 70 degrees on Monday. Another beautiful day can be expected for our Monday as a high pressure dominates our weather for the time being. Clear skies will help lows cool to around 50 degrees for Sunday night/Monday morning.

Remaining Week Remains Cool

As we head further into the new week, our temperatures will begin to drop thanks to some cold, Canadian air following the cold front that’s moving through now. High temperatures look to be below average over the next few days. The sun will stay with us for a little while longer, too. However, we could see a greater potential for rain come Wednesday night, but we’ll keep watching it and will keep you updated.

Temperature deviations from average on Thursday. The cooler air is coming! (PivotalWeather)

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Stay dry!