Dry and Quiet Conditions Before Temperatures Rise

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to Thursday. All eyes are on Hurricane Dorian as it churns up the east coast, but as for our weather back home, things are expected to be calm. Dry and quiet conditions will close out the week before we heat up again.

Quiet, sunny conditions are in the forecast. I like that! (Giphy)

Picturesque Thursday

If you’re a fan of low humidity like I am, then Thursday is your day. A dried out cold front moved through yesterday and brought with it cooler, drier air. Highs today will only reach into the low-to-mid 80’s with low dew points thanks to winds blowing from the north. A nice break from the humidity that has gripped our area the past few days.

Temperatures today will be near normal for this time of year. (Pivotal Weather)

It will be dry and sunny again today with only a few clouds this afternoon. With the lack of clouds, lows tonight will be able to cool to the refreshing upper 50’s.

Warm, Quiet Weekend

With the current state of the upper atmosphere, conditions won’t change much this weekend. We start to warm up a little on Friday with highs in the mid-80’s, but that’s about as much change as we’ll see. Skies remain generally clear and the ground stays dry to end our work week.

The weather looks quiet for our area. Instead of rain, the cold front on Saturday will bring cooler temps. (WPC)

Another weak and dry cold front will move through on Saturday, so our Saturday forecast will look a lot like Thursday’s forecast. Winds will again blow from the north, cooling temperatures into the low 80’s. Dew points will also be low and rain chances are slim, so expect a beautiful weekend.

Next Week Remains Dry, but Temperatures Heat Up

The jet stream begins to shift for the start of next week with a large ridge expected to build over the Eastern US. This means temperatures will be on the rise. Some models are showing highs for next week in the low 90’s. Little precipitation is expected to fall as well, so the dry ground will help temperatures rise quickly and easily. Fall isn’t here quite yet!

With little rain in the forecast, we will be unusally dry for this time of year. (CPC)

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Enjoy this beautiful day!