Storms Return Today

Good morning, Kentucky! I hope everyone had a great start to the week. Storms return today but will make way for a clear finish to the rest of the week. I’ve got all the details below!

Storms This Afternoon

Seasonal conditions will definitely return today as it is expected to be hot and muggy with the potential for thunderstorms this afternoon. There is a slight chance of storms starting this morning, but the greater chance will be this afternoon.

Scattered showers and storms will accompany the cold front that will pass this evening. (COD)

Our high temperature today will reach the mid-80s and the dew point will hang in the low-70s, making it pretty muggy.

Dry Wednesday

The passing of a cold front this evening will leave conditions dry for tomorrow. Our temperatures will still make their way back up to the upper-80s but dew points will drop a few degrees. The chance for precipitation is there but it is very low. Overall, tomorrow looks hot and a little less muggy.

High pressure will move in tomorrow and bring dry conditions. (WPC)

No Rain Thursday

Thursday will be pretty similar to Wednesday but with even smaller chances for precipitation. Our temperatures will top out in the mid-80s with dew points not quite making it to 70°F (thank goodness). There will be mostly sunny skies, so don’t forget sunscreen if you have plans outside.

Dry conditions will remain as that front continues off to the east. (WPC)

End of the Week/Weekend Outlook

Conditions will remain similar for the rest of the week and start of the weekend. Temperatures in the mid-upper-80s and dew points staying below 70°F should make it feel warm and muggy but not too uncomfortable. The next chance for rain doesn’t look like it will be here until Sunday evening.

That concludes today’s post! Have a great Tuesday and make sure to follow @wxornotBG on Twitter to stay up to date with today’s thunderstorms. See you next time!

Scattered shower & storm chances accompany a passing cold front today.Details in this morning's Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, July 30, 2019