Break From the Rain to Start the Week

We saw one last day of showers and thunderstorms move through the region during the day on Sunday. We’ll remain hot and humid but starting today, we’ll cease the afternoon storm chances as we see a break from the rain to start the week.

Back to Just Hot and Humid

After some patchy fog this morning, the afternoon (except for the lack of storms) will be quite similar to every one we’ve had for the past, oh, month or so.

This morning's forecast surface map. (WPC)
This morning’s forecast surface map. (WPC)

While the “cold” front will have switched out winds around to the northwest, this will do nothing for our temperatures. Highs will remain around 89° during the afternoon hours, which will be filled with mostly sunny skies. We’ll see just slightly lower humidity values during the afternoon, but heat indices will remain close to 95-97° or so.

When it's still brutal out. (Stranger Things/Giphy)
When it’s still brutal out. (Stranger Things/Giphy)

The overnight will only provide nominal relief as we slink down to a muggy low of 70° as mostly clear skies carry over.

Deja Tuesday

Someone put the music player on “repeat” because we’re looking at yet another hot and humid day for Tuesday…at least there won’t be rain?

Look! Dry for a whole 48 hours! (Pivotal Weather)
Look! Dry for a whole 48 hours! (Pivotal Weather)

But things should warm up again to a high of around 91° as we won’t have much in the way of cooling cloud cover overhead for a second day. Which, I suppose, is a plus because it’s been awfully wet lately. But on the minus…it means we’ll see heat indices between 90-95° yet again.

Mother Nature, if she took the form of a veteran first baseman. (MLB Advanced Media)
Mother Nature, if she took the form of a veteran first baseman. (MLB Advanced Media)

Overnights continue to be sticky, falling back to 70°.

Midweek Return of Rainfall

A system will be inching toward us for the day on Wednesday that could welcome back the chance for a few afternoon showers or storms. The environment is in place with heat and humidity, so all we need is a trigger…and we just might have one in the form of a shortwave trough.

Model variability still exists, so check back. (Pivotal Weather)
Model variability still exists, so check back. (Pivotal Weather)

Whether or not showers return, it will be the same story when it comes to heat and humidity. Highs again around 90° with heat indices creeping up to around 95°. Any afternoon and evening storms will wane after sunset, falling back again to only near 72°.

Another Break Looms

We’ll keep the chances for scattered storms into the forecast for Thursday but we look to dry out to finish next week and ride into next weekend…however, temperatures will be going up. We could be talking highs closer to 95° by next weekend…stay tuned.

You and me both. (MLB Advanced Media)
You and me both. (MLB Advanced Media)

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on renewed storm chances this afternoon. Have a terrific Monday!

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