Stray Storms Dot a Cooler Weekend

We’ve finally, thankfully, broken the heat wave and gotten the bulk of the rainfall on out of here, but we’re still going to see stray storms dot a cooler weekend.

Remarkably Pleasant Friday

We started with a scorcher and we’re going to end with a winner as cooler, but still seasonable air, works it’s way in.

This morning's surface chart. (WPC)
This morning’s surface chart. (WPC)

The low pressure system and trailing cold front that brought us yesterday afternoon’s storms will be departing to the east, allowing cooler temperatures to move in. However, there may be just enough wraparound moisture to fire off a few afternoon showers/storms.

Spotty. (Pivotal Weather)
Spotty. (Pivotal Weather)

If you don’t manage to get under one of these spotty showers, mostly sunny skies will prevail as highs only reach around 80º with lower humidity.

Very refreshing. (NRDC/Giphy)
Very refreshing. (NRDC/Giphy)

Lows tonight will fall to around 60º as we’ll diminish what showers we have left.

Dry and Warmer for Saturday

Saturday looks to be the pick of the weekend with the lowest rain chance of all…dang near zero.

YES! (Giphy)
YES! (Giphy)

It will be slightly on the warmer side, though, with more sunshine. Highs should top out near 85º or so.

Still not bad. (Pivotal Weather)
Still not bad. (Pivotal Weather)

Humidity might be a touch higher than today as well, but not like the oppressive conditions we’ve been experiencing for the past week or so. It won’t be a bad afternoon to maybe take a stroll in the park or do some yard work. We’ll cool on off to near 65º for an overnight low as shower and storm chances begin to increase.

More Scattered Storms Sunday

The recurring theme of storms impacting the area every couple of days continues with Sunday’s renewed chance of scattered afternoon convection…thanks to one last cold front.

Scattered storms possible by Sunday morning. (Pivotal Weather)
Scattered storms possible by Sunday morning. (Pivotal Weather)

This round, however, looks to be a morning round as a cold front dives in from the north. Severe weather isn’t likely but we can’t a couple of stronger cells trying to make their presence known…that sets us up for a nice Sunday afternoon.

When you're watching the storms move away. (MLB Advanced Media)
When you’re watching the storms move away. (MLB Advanced Media)

Temperatures will once again fall back to the “nice” category, finishing around 80º with that lower humidity filtering in. Another great day for any of that lingering yard work you put off on Saturday. Lows at night will be similarly cool, falling back to near 60º under mostly clear skies.

New Week Starts Sunny

We will awaken to more sunny skies out the door on Monday as the cold front will be long past and we can bask in the sunshine, seasonable temperatures and lower humidity. It’s going to be another refreshing one to start the week.

Monday's forecast in gif form. (Tenor)
Monday’s forecast in gif form. (Tenor)

Highs to start the week stay in the low 80s with lows at night in the mid-to-upper 50s for a rockin’ first couple of days under sunny skies. Temperatures spike back to near 85º, however, as rain chances return Wednesday.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on your  weekend forecast. Have a terrific Friday!