Hot Start and Cooler Finish to Final Week of May

We’ve come to expect the scorching weather over the past week or so and today will be no exception. The pattern continues to favor very hot conditions across south-central Kentucky, but the pattern will soon break leading to a hot start and cooler finish to the final week of May.

Yet Another Scorcher for Tuesday

You have to be used to this forecast by this point. High pressure is in control, and this means another hot and humid afternoon across south-central Kentucky.

This morning's surface chart. (WPC)
This morning’s surface chart. (WPC)

The warm front that produced yesterday’s severe weather across the Miami Valley of Ohio has shifted well north to near the border with Michigan, but not after doing what would appear to be serious damage near Dayton last night. Keep those folks in your thoughts today as the clean-up process begins.

For us, though, we’ll experience another afternoon of toasty temperatures with dry conditions as we continue well above average numbers for late May.

And add about 5º to that because models often underdo southwesterly flow. (Pivotal Weather)
And add about 5º to that because models often underdo southwesterly flow. (Pivotal Weather)

Highs will knock on 90º again this afternoon, with heat indices approaching 95º. The only saving grace may be a bit of a breeze up to 15 MPH that may cool you down for a moment.

Otherwise. (Subway/Giphy)
Otherwise. (Subway/Giphy)

Things stay mild and muggy overnight as lows dip to around 70º.

One More Day of This For Wednesday

Luckily, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and Wednesday is the only thing standing between us and it.

There it sits, taunting us. (Giphy)
There it sits, taunting us. (Giphy)

Heat and humidity remain again as temperatures soar into the upper 80s to near 90º once again…but this time, we might have just enough juice to get a few breezy afternoon storms going, and one or two could be on the strong side.


Our area is on the southern edge of a Marginal Risk for severe weather. Models aren’t bullish on storm chances, preferring to confine them to the northern half of the state and the worst weather into southern Ohio.

And even then, the models aren't too bullish, period. (Pivotal Weather)
And even then, the models aren’t too bullish, period. (Pivotal Weather)

For us, I think we’ll stay mostly dry, but I can’t rule out a stray downpour. Highs once again top 90º, with southwesterly breezes up to 15 MPH giving us a bit of temporary relief outside. Clouds increase overnight, with a low near 72º.

Changes Begin Thursday

We’ll start off Thursday watching what’s left of a dying complex of storms from the midwest try to make a run at us but ultimately fail.

You see a dying complex of storms, I see my performance through every calculus course I've ever taken. (Pivotal Weather)
You see a dying complex of storms, I see my performance through every calculus course I’ve ever taken. (Pivotal Weather)

What this complex will succeed in, however, is laying down some boundaries that will act like miniature cold fronts that storms will form on later in the afternoon. A couple of these afternoon storms could be strong as well, with gusty winds being the main threat…but the bigger story will be cooling down. I think what I'm saying is, uh, #PuigYourColdFront? (MLB Advanced Media/Giphy)
…so I think what I’m saying is, uh, #PuigYourColdFront? (MLB Advanced Media/Giphy)

Cloud cover will rule the day on Thursday afternoon and this will keep highs in check, only topping about 85º or so. The front will pass overnight and scour out a little bit of the humidity, leaving us with a low near 65º.

Sweet Relief to Finish the Week

We’ll keep mostly sunny skies with the chance of a pop-up shower in the forecast as we head towards Friday and Saturday. But, the good news is that we’ll be cooling back to the lower-to-mid 80s both days in what will be a welcome opportunity for relief.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on your forecast. Have a terrific Tuesday!