Nothin’ But 90’s Ahead

It’s hot. It’s muggy. With nothin’ but 90’s ahead, summer has arrived in Kentucky. Time to prep the pool and apply the sunscreen while watching the skies for pop-up showers.

Hot with Pop-up Showers Today and Tomorrow

Get ready to sweat it out as we will reach the humid low 90’s for highs both today and tomorrow.

During the daylight hours we could see some pop-up showers and storms bringing a quick burst of rain before returning us to the hot, humid soup called May in Kentucky.

More Heat, Fewer Showers for Memorial Day Weekend

Pool-worthy conditions of mid-90’s and full sunshine are coming for Memorial Day Weekend.

Beat the heat by hitting the pool. This would be a great day for it. h/t tenor
Don’t let the heat make you go extinct. (via tenor)

It will likely feel like over 100⁰ this weekend, so take precautions to beat the heat, such as drinking lots of water and taking breaks indoors if possible.

We can thank a strengthening ridge of high pressure for bringing these sweltering conditions to our area. High pressure brings sinking (and warming) air that will limit the shower activity which usually cools us off slightly during the summer leading to our steamy Memorial Day Weekend.

Upper atmosphere pattern shows a strong ridge building over the eastern US from today thru Monday.

On the other hand, this ridge will shelter us from the severe storms afflicting Oklahoma and Kansas.

Nothin’ But 90’s Ahead

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but climate models suggest these above average temperatures will continue well into next week.

"Rode too far down Old Town Road in this heat" (via tenor)
“Rode too far down Old Town Road in the extreme heat” (via tenor)

Well, this is all I have for today. Please follow @wxornotBG for the latest updates on any significant storms that pop up today.