Cloudy and Possibly Soggy Mother’s Day Weekend

It’s been a rather warm and, until yesterday, sunny week for most of us as May has finally settled in. But things are changing as a pesky low pressure system leads to a cloudy and possibly soggy Mother’s Day Weekend.

Mostly Dry Friday

We’re already keeping an eye on the cold front that brought yesterday’s gloom to the region as the timing of when that front moves past will give us a good idea of when to expect things to dry out.

Oh, those pesky showers. (Pivotal Weather)q
Oh, those pesky showers. (Pivotal Weather)

At this point, it looks like the front should clear the area during the early morning hours and leave us with a much cooler but dry and cloudy day for our Friday.

70º is *checks calendar* May, right? (Pivotal Weather)
70º…it is *checks calendar* May, right? (Pivotal Weather)

That’s right, on the back side of the cold front, we’ll see highs only muster around 70º this afternoon. It’s at that point that all eyes turn to the south.

Not the showers again. (Pivotal Weather)
Not the showers again. (Pivotal Weather)

That’s right, our old friend the cold front will be beginning it’s trek back northward as a warm front, setting the stage for a soggy Saturday. Showers may just try to sneak back in here after around 7:00pm or so this evening, but we aren’t looking at heavy rain amounts. Lows tonight fall to around 55º.

Sogginess Back for Saturday

It’s looking more and more like it’s going to be a wet commute if you’re traveling up to Diddle Arena for WKU graduation ceremonies on Saturday. Good news is the graduations are held indoors.

NAM is being a little wishy-washy with the placement of this rain shield. (Pivotal Weather)
NAM is being a little wishy-washy with the placement of this rain shield. (Pivotal Weather)

The computer models aren’t exactly handling this batch of rain well, but showers look to re-enter the picture by Saturday morning and will stick with us on-and-off throughout the day. So keep that rain gear handy.

Yes, that one. (Giphy)
Yes, that rain gear. (Giphy)

Even with the clouds and the showers, temperatures remain mild. Expect highs close to 70º for any of your Saturday outdoor activities…just keep an eye on the radar.

Showers continue but begin to taper off overnight, lows again near 55º.

Sunday Improvement

Things start to look up as we close out the weekend…but showers will still linger.

Dang it. (Giphy)
Dang it. (Giphy)

This frontal system will finally scoot on by the region, but not before sparking off some morning showers around the area.

Apparently, we can't escape 'em. (Pivotal Weather)
Apparently, we can’t escape ’em. (Pivotal Weather)

The front begins to work through Sunday afternoon, leaving us with a high of just 65º for the afternoon hours as we begin to slowly dry out, but clouds will hang tough.

Nor will that be the last we see of the showers as one more batch my try to move through with some wrap-around moisture during the overnight hours. Lows fall to near 50º.

Sunnier Skies Ahead

The new week looks great with sunshine returning along with those nice, post-frontal temperatures. We’ll finish the clearing process during the day on Monday as the sunshine breaks out in the afternoon, allowing us to top out around 68º.

Excellent. (MLB Advanced Media)
Excellent. (MLB Advanced Media)

We keep the sunny fun going Tuesday as well with those sunny skies building back in for a high near 70º. The rest of the week looks warmer before we re-introduce another small rain chance in the middle of the week.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on your weekend. Have a terrific Friday and congratulations to all of our new WKU graduates!