Showers Late Today Become Sunday Severe Storm Threat

Good news, our morning and early afternoon now look to be safe from showers until late today. Bad news, these showers late today will turn into a Sunday severe storm threat.

#kywx (via tenor)
#kywx (via tenor)

Showers Late Today Dampen Evening Plans

Outdoor events look to be mostly safe from showers until the mid-to-late afternoon in the shelter of some dryer air that has slid in over us.

via tenor
via tenor

Temperatures today will summit from a chilly morning low of 50 to the comfortable upper 60’s for afternoon highs under cloudy skies which will be perfect for running, baseball, football, lawnwork, etc. until that pesky rain moves in.

When it rains, it pours. h/t
When it rains, it pours. (via giphy)

The rain will grow heavier as we enter the evening hours due to a rocking and roaring low pressure system heading our way from the Gulf of Mexico.

Sunday Severe Storm Threat

Our severe threat will begin around midnight with the greatest concerns being damaging wind and flash flooding from the heavy rain totaling 1-3 inches by tomorrow afternoon.

Low pressure system moving our way. (via WPC)
Low pressure system moving our way. (via WPC)

More severe thunderstorms are possible tomorrow morning and afternoon with a greater likelihood of damaging winds, hail, and an isolated tornado spinning up in the lines of storms.

We will be watching tomorrow's storms closely, so look for our tweets. (via tenor)
We will be watching tomorrow’s storms closely, so look for our tweets. (via tenor)

Windy conditions are likely even in the breaks between the storms as temperatures reach the humid low 70’s before the strong cold front finally moves through in the mid afternoon.

Cool Down for Early Next Week

Bowling Green temperature tomorrow: 1 pm--73; 7 pm--43. Ouch. (NAM via pivotalwx)
Bowling Green temperatures tomorrow: 1 pm–73⁰; 7 pm–43⁰. Ouch. (NAM via pivotalwx)

The rain ends tomorrow night behind a dramatic cold front. I’m talking pull out the winter coat again for Monday morning because its going to be in the upper 30’s.

via tenor

Highs Monday will remain chilly in the upper 50’s with sunshine. Quiet and warming weather pervades the extended forecast until Friday which is just the break we need in this wild April of Kentucky weather.

via tenor
via tenor

That’s it for today: follow @wxornotBG for the latest updates.

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