Breezy, Unsettled Weekend on the Way

It’s been a relatively warm and calm week around south-central Kentucky, but the weather will be switching back to an active pattern as we end the week…in fact, expect a breezy, unsettled weekend on the way.

Breezy and Soggy for Friday

The main show in the weather world throughout the latter half of this week has been a powerful low pressure system working it’s way through the plains states, and for us, that means windy conditions persist.

Easy, Breezy, Cloudy. (Giphy)
Easy, Breezy, Cloudy. (Giphy)

Not only will the gusts continue, but we’ll start the day with some rainfall as well, and it could be heavy at times.

This morning's forecast surface chart (WPC)
This morning’s forecast surface chart. (WPC)

The showers won’t hang on all day, though, and I think we’ll see those diminish as we go through the day. Cloud cover will begin to diminish too, leading to a pretty nice afternoon.

When the clouds won't go away. (Giphy)
When you wake up to clouds again. (Giphy)

Temperatures will cool down a bit, but we’ll remain mild with a high of 70º. Overnight, we’ll hover around 50º as we await more showers pushing into the region.

Soggy Look to Saturday

Earlier this week it looked like we’d get through the daylight hours of Saturday rain-free. But, Mother Nature has other plans and it now looks like rain chances could begin as early as Saturday morning.

When you had outdoor plans on Saturday. (Giphy)
When you had outdoor plans on Saturday. (Giphy)

This forecast continues to evolve, but as we see it right now, rain starts to move into the region during the early hours of Saturday ahead of another stout low pressure system.

Of course it's going to rain to start the weekend...of course. (Pivotal Weather)
Of course it’s going to rain to start the weekend…of course. (Pivotal Weather)

Shower should be off-and-on through the day as highs once again stay mild, with afternoon highs staying near 70º. We should see a lull as we go later in the day, with lows at night falling to about 61º as we await another round of rainfall.

Sunday’s Waves of Rain

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. We just might wake up to more rain on Sunday morning.

Nothing like waking up to the pitter patter of rain on the windows though, right? (Pivotal Weather)
Nothing like waking up to the pitter patter of rain on the windows though, right? (Pivotal Weather)

It will be the latest wave of rain to give us a good soaking this weekend, all thanks to another strong low pressure that will pass through the area.

Said low taking shape over Texas on Saturday Evening. (WPC)
Said low taking shape over Texas on Saturday Evening. (WPC)

This low will skirt on by just west of the area and bring strong winds in addition to the possibility for a line of showers with the possibility of heavy rainfall and even some thunder. After that…it’s a waiting game.

Us at @wxornotBG Sunday afternoon. (Giphy)
Us at @wxornotBG Sunday afternoon. (Giphy)

Depending on how fast the early day rain and clouds can leave the area, we may see another opportunity for heavy rainfall and storms in the afternoon.

Last night's run says east of Bowling Green. (Pivotal Weather)
Last night’s run says east of Bowling Green. (Pivotal Weather)

We can’t rule out a strong storm on Sunday either, depending on where that line sets up. In fact, the whole area is in a slight risk for severe weather, with an enhanced risk to the west. We’ve got our eyes on it.

Sunday's severe weather outlook. (SPC)
Sunday’s severe weather outlook. (SPC)

Otherwise, things should stay mild, with highs near 70º once again. Showers will come to an end late Sunday night as we fall to 40º.

Tranquil Start to Next Week

The cold front will pass through late on Sunday night and set us up with a quiet beginning to the new work week…if not a bit chilly.

Well, maybe not that cold. (CBC/Giphy)
Well, maybe not that cold. (CBC/Giphy)

Highs on Monday only make it to around 60º but we’ll be graced with wonderful sunny skies. Those will stay with us for Tuesday as we warm back into the mid 70s. 70s stick with us into midweek while we re-introduce rain chances.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest on your weekend forecast. Have a terrific Friday!