Strong Storms to Kickoff the Weekend

All eyes to the skies as a powerful storm system begins to work through the area today, meaning we’ll have a chance of strong storms to kickoff the weekend.

Slight Risk of Severe Weather This Afternoon

This morning, we’re watching a rather strong storms system making it’s way towards the area.

This afternoon's forecast surface map. (WPC)
This afternoon’s forecast surface map. (WPC)

We’re seeing a warm front move across the area now and that will set the stage for strong southwesterly winds, allowing warmth and moisture to return to the area.

Well, sort of. (Sign with Robert/Giphy)
Well, sort of. (Sign with Robert/Giphy)

Despite highs near 65º this afternoon, we’re not seeing great moisture return with this system, but we’ll more than make up for it with stout upper-level winds. That said, we are still within a slight risk for severe weather this afternoon and evening.

Today's Severe Weather Outlook. (SPC)
Today’s Severe Weather Outlook. (SPC)

Our main threat will be the potential for damaging wind gusts and, with the amount of turning in the winds we’ve got going on above our heads, we can’t rule out an isolated tornado. Timing looks to be during this afternoon and early evening hours.

How the NAM thinks things are going to work out. (Pivotal Weather)
How the NAM thinks things are going to work out. (Pivotal Weather)

Other concerns I have include strong winds outside of thunderstorms and the possibility for heavy rain around the area. While not as heavy as the last big storm system, 1-to-1.25 inches of rain may fall on the area through tonight, that may cause some problems, especially in poor drainage areas.

Also, those strong winds outside of thunderstorms may approach 15-25 MPH, with gusts closer to 40 MPH. Because of that, a Wind Advisory has been issued from noon today through 9:00pm.

Good news is overnight, rain will end and we’ll settle down ahead of a pretty nice Sunday. We’ll fall to a breezy 40º overnight.

Warm and Breezy for Sunday and Monday

After we get this system out of here it’s smooth sailing…for a few days anyway.


Well, on Sunday you might float away if you put up a sail because it’s going to be breezy during the day, even as high pressure sets in.

Easy. Breezy. Mootiful. (Giphy)
Easy. Breezy. Mootiful. (Giphy)

High pressure will settle in to finish the week and start the week. Highs Sunday should top out near 60º once again with mostly sunny skies overhead. After an overnight low around 39º, we’ll do it all over again for Monday.

Same thing, all over again.(Giphy)
Same thing, all over again. (Giphy)

Highs will be slightly cooler, only around 55º or so, but we also won’t be dealing with the breezy conditions like tomorrow. Getting back to around average is a nice sight to see.

Activity Ramps Up Next Week

After some downtime to start the week, things become more active as we head toward the midweek timeframe.

Yeah, this kind of active. (Giphy)
Yeah, this kind of active. (Giphy)

Another powerful storm system will head our way as we head later on Wednesday and even into Thursday. Ahead of it we’ll warm up into the upper-60s to near 70º! But showers will start developing late Wednesday and sticking around into Thursday. As usual…being above average this time of year comes with a cost.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest on your weekend forecast. Have a terrific Saturday!