Rain Goes Away and Winter’s Back For a Stay

After a week filled with record highs and record rainfall, we’re finally getting a break in the active pattern. But unfortunately, everything comes with a cost because the rain goes away and winter’s back for a stay.

Friday, Back to Frigid

A cold front has slithered it’s way through the region this morning, shutting off the precipitation, but ushering winter back in with stiff northwesterly breezes.

This morning's forecast surface chart. (WPC)
This morning’s forecast surface chart. (WPC)

High pressure will be taking control, keeping skies sunny, but dropping us squarely back into winter’s clutches. Highs will only top out around 30º this afternoon, with wind chill values near 15-20º this afternoon.

Before you leave the house this morning. (Giphy)
Before you leave the house this morning. (Giphy)

With clear skies overnight and winds calming down, things are going to be downright frigid tonight. Overnight lows look to fall to around 15º. Make sure you bundle up if you’re heading out, or grab those blankets if you’re staying in!

Slow Improvement Starts Saturday

Moderation arrives as we start the weekend proper. Winds of 5-10 MPH from the northeast won’t be nearly as frigid as today and will allow highs to recover to around 40º or so. Not warm, but better than below freezing.

Golf club optional. (Spongebob Squarepants/Giphy)
Golf club optional. (Spongebob Squarepants/Giphy)

Sunshine will also once again grace us with it’s presence creating a cool but otherwise nice-looking day outdoors. Clouds begin to work in overnight, with partly cloudy skies holding low temperatures to around 30º.

Active Pattern Back to Finish the Weekend

Another storm system will head towards the area as we close out the weekend and begin the new work week.

Soggy Sunday afternoon. (Pivotal Weather)
Soggy Sunday afternoon. (Pivotal Weather)

Showers may start as a touch of rain or snow to start but will quickly transition to all rain. They’ll be with us through the day. Clouds and rain will offset southwesterly breezes, so we’ll only warm up to around 45º during the day.

Soggy Sunday afternoon, from a different angle. (Spongebob Squarepants/Giphy)
Soggy Sunday afternoon, from a different angle. (Spongebob Squarepants/Giphy)

Rain continues into Sunday night, meaning we only drop to a low around 40º. We do it all over again Monday with temperatures around 50º again for another soggy start to the week.

When the rain's back. (Giphy)
When the rain’s back. (Giphy)

As we head into next week, things remain active and up-and-down with highs near 60º early in the week before falling closer to average and, at this point, trending drier for the end of the week. Thank goodness.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest on your weekend forecast. Have a terrific Friday!