Polar Air Exits Slowly

Brrr, bundle up as we are in for another bitterly cold morning as polar air exits slowly from our region. Wind chills will recover from subzero early this morning to near freezing this afternoon before the 50’s return for highs this weekend.

via tenor
via tenor 

Cold with Flurries This Morning

With temperatures in the single digit to low teens range, even the short walk to your vehicle will feel uncomfortable. Luckily, the wind has died down reducing the wind chill (and risk of frostbite) from yesterday’s dangerous levels. Flurries are also possible throughout the morning, but snowfall accumulations are not anticipated due to the  lack of moisture in this arctic air mass.

Wind chill for 6 am to noon this morning. (via pivotalwx).
Wind chill for 6 am to noon this morning. (via pivotalwx).

Polar Air Exits, Sets Up Brief Ice Threat Overnight

By late this afternoon, the polar air will start exiting our region, and we will actually reach the low 30’s. This “heat wave” will bring in our next weak weather-maker overnight as temperatures hover around the freezing mark.

"The low 30's for highs, impressive"(via tenor)
“The low 30’s for highs, impressive”(via tenor)

For a few hours tonight our region could experience the classical Kentucky winter weather scenario of warm air “overrunning” a dome of cold air, leading to a chance for some light freezing rain. Our greatest chance for this glazing of ice will be from midnight through about 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. If you have to travel during this time period, be aware of this chance for slick roads, especially bridges and overpasses. By sunrise tomorrow morning, the warm air will ‘win out’ against the cold air, lift our temperatures above freezing for good, and leave us with a chance for plain rain showers on our way to a high in the mid-40’s.

via USNA.edu
Overrunning definition graphic via USNA.edu

Much Warmer, Nicer Weekend

By Saturday, the clouds will thin out leaving us with a beautiful weekend. Highs for both Saturday and Sunday will be in the upper 50’s under partly cloudy skies as part of a much deserved February thaw.

Summary forecast via NWS Louisville
Summary forecast via NWS Louisville

That’s all I have for today. Endure the cold until the weekend, and follow @wxornotBG for the latest updates.