Showery But Warmer As a Wild Weekend Approaches

Howdy folks, have that umbrella and coat handy since we will be showery but warmer as a wild weekend approaches with heavy rain, roller coaster temperatures, and maybe even snow.

via WPC
via WPC

Rain Showers Likely Today

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Look for widespread light rain showers throughout the day and into this evening because of a weak low pressure system passing to our north. A “silver lining” is that temperatures will rise to the upper 40’s by this afternoon which is slightly above average.

Clouds and Cool Temperatures Stick Around for Tomorrow

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Sorry to disappoint you, bro (via tenor)

Tomorrow morning will start in the mid 30’s which is nice since we will not have to worry about freezing drizzle. Unfortunately, we are still in store for another gloomy day of fog, cloudy skies, and chilly temperatures in the lower 40’s.

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With no sunshine to be found, our fight against the winter blues continues. I recommend staying active and laughing at funny gifs. (via tenor)

Wild Weekend Ahead

Heavy rain, roller coaster temperature swings, and a shot at some snow–this weekend has it all due to a powerful mid-latitude cyclone passing through our region on Saturday. Here is the breakdown of what we know so far:

  • Heavy rain is very likely starting Saturday morning and continuing into Saturday evening. Rainfall totals will range between 1-3 inches, causing localized flooding in low-lying areas.
  • Temperatures will increase into the upper 50’s Saturday afternoon before quickly crashing into the low 20’s by Sunday morning, which could cause any runoff from the heavy rain to flash freeze.
  • A change-over from rain to snow will occur sometime Saturday night. The timing, along whether our area receives a few flurries or a few inches, will be dependent on the exact track of the low pressure center.
  • Blustery winds will be present for the entire event driving the rain and possibly creating blowing snow which could reduce visibility on Sunday morning.
  • Arctic cold and wind chill values will occur on Sunday. Sunday’s high will only be in the mid-20’s, but it will feel like the teens.
Temperature, wind, and precipitation can vary greatly depending on which side of the low pressure center you find yourself.

Models will continue to narrow down on the exact track of the powerful low as it moves east, and we will communicate the latest updates via our twitter account, @wxornotbg. Try to stay dry and have a great day!