Cool Temperatures Return Tomorrow

Good morning, Kentucky! Our morning is starting off with temperatures in the mid-50s once again, so no frosted windshields today! Today will be our last semi-warm day before cool temperatures return tomorrow. I’ve got details for the next three days.

Semi-Warm Temperatures Again Today

The high temperature today will reach the low-60s with fairly gusty winds. Winds will be out of the southwest for the beginning of our day and then transition to northeasterly in the afternoon as that cold front passes through. Precipitation will not be an issue today, so get outside and enjoy the warmth! The low will drop to the low-40s.

By this evening the cold front will have passed over our area. (via WPC)
Waving goodbye to those semi-warm days we had. (via giphy)

Colder Air Makes Its Comeback

Those temperatures in the 60s were nice while they lasted. The high for tomorrow is only expected to reach into the upper-30s, so make sure you wear more layers than you have over the past few days. No precipitation is in the forecast for Wednesday and the evening will see lows in the mid-20s.

With the passage of that cold front, winds will shift to the north and bring that cooler air down to our area. (via COD)
They’re back. Cold temperatures are back. (via giphy)

Even Cooler Thursday

Thursday won’t be much better in the temperature category. You can expect to see highs only reaching into the mid-30s. Precipitation will not be an issue and the low will drop to the mid-20s. Overall, just a chilly winter day.

Bundle up! (via giphy)

That concludes my post! Enjoy the warmth today before the cool temperatures return tomorrow. Remember to follow @wxornotBG on Facebook and Twitter for live updates. Have a great day!

Warm & windy early today; return to winter follows. Still watching this weekend's system closely.Full breakdown provided in this morning's Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, January 8, 2019