New Year’s Eve Storms

Happy New Year’s Eve! This year, we saw a variety of weather events unfold, and guess what!? We’ll end 2018 with another weather system to keep our eyes on, that’s expected to bring New Year’s Eve storms to south central Kentucky.

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Not only will we be dealing with the threat of severe storms, but winds as well. Outside of rainfall, southerly gusts of 30-40+ mph are expected.We’ll be under a Wind Advisory from 10a – 10p today.

Batten down the hatches of your favorite lawn decorations/furniture.

Rain Taking Over

Widespread, moderate to heavy rain has moved in overnight, thanks to a warm front lifting north over the area.

This is in response to its parent low pressure system slicing northeast toward the Ohio Valley:

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We’ll keep likely chances for the wet stuff in the forecast this morning, before the shield of rain becomes scattered by midday.

Severe Weather Threat This Afternoon & Evening

This complex weather-maker’s cold front will steamroll west to east across our vicinity this afternoon.

The result will be ripening conditions for strong/severe thunderstorms. Temperatures will soar to the upper 60s, as winds pull in deep moisture from the south.

The latest HRRR, valid from 10a-8p today, illustrates what may unfold:


We’re focusing on a ~2p-6p time frame for the highest probability of inclement weather. Our primary concern will be damaging wind gusts potentially exceeding 60+ mph.

A very low-end tornado risk will also be present. Although unlikely, an isolated spin-up can’t be ruled out.

This is not expected to be a widespread severe event, however, you should still stay weather aware:

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Outside of damaging wind, we’ll also have to deal with lightning, and flooding issues. Total rainfall amounts from last night through the first sunrise of 2019 will range between 1-3″ for most.

If there’s any good news, it’s that our severe threat should subside before this evening’s festivities get rocking & rolling.

Rest of the Week

Cloudy, cold and damp…what I like to refer to as a “blah forecast”, will escort us through the early days of 2019.

Weak disturbances will keep partly to mostly cloudy skies in the forecast both Tuesday and Wednesday, with patchy drizzle not out of the question.

It’ll also be colder, with highs located between the low and mid 40s.

Thursday brings scattered rain showers back into the fold, with similar conditions anticipated Friday. Here’s your weather summary over the upcoming days:

Stay safe this New Year’s Eve. Make smart decisions not only tonight, but regarding the weather this afternoon as well.

As a reminder, our real-time weather feed @wxornotBG will be on top of this evolving weather maker throughout the day.