Calmer Weekend on the Horizon

After a gusty Thursday that also featured overcast skies mixed with heavy, driving rain, it’s nice to be closing the week on a much more placid note. A cold front will pass through the area today meaning a calmer weekend on the horizon.

Temps Fall on Friday

Tumbling temperatures will be the main story for our Friday as the aforementioned cold front works through the area. A few showers may be squeezed out of whatever moisture’s left as the front swings through, but these won’t amount to a whole lot.

This morning's forecast surface chart. (WPC)
This morning’s forecast surface chart. (WPC)

This front will shift our winds, which will be breezy but nothing like yesterday, out of the northwest. This means we’ll be filtering in much cooler conditions from an air mass situated over the northern plains and thus temperatures will cool throughout the day.

Much like that Norwegian Blue and it's beautiful plumage, the milder conditions will have ceased to be this afternoon. (Giphy)
Much like that Norwegian Blue and it’s beautiful plumage, the milder conditions will have ceased to be this afternoon. (Giphy)

We’ll start the day in the upper-50s to near 60º, but with the cooler wind, we’ll fall to around 55º in the afternoon. Skies will begin to clear overnight, with lows falling to around 30º.

It’s Good to be Average

A day spent in between systems, Saturday will be the pick of the weekend. Mainly because it will be average weatherwise, something we haven’t seen in a bit.

Actually, yeah. (Saturday Night Live/Giphy)
Actually, yeah. (Saturday Night Live/Giphy)

High pressure will be in control for much of the day and winds stay out of the north. Meaning mostly sunny skies and highs right around 45º…which is exactly what the last week of December should look like. Lows at night fall to near 35º however, as clouds begin to increase.

Clouds and Showers Increase Sunday

New Year’s Eve Eve will be an increasingly cloudy affair as our next system begins to work in late in the day. Clouds will increase throughout the afternoon and we may even see a few raindrops falling from them.

Yeah, yeah. I know. (Giphy)
Yeah, yeah. I know. (Giphy)

Highs around 50º during the day lead to overnight lows only around 45º as soaking rains once again envelop the region late Sunday and into Monday.

2018…Out Like a Very Soaked Lion

It only seems fitting that a year that has seen so much rainfall would end with more heavy rain. Monday looks like a remarkably similar day to yesterday at this point. Mild highs once again look to give way to heavy rains with a cold front passing through. Only this time, the beginning of 2019 looks much chillier than the end of 2018.

Why, that looks familiar. (Pivotal Weather)
Why, that looks familiar. (Pivotal Weather)

hat just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest forecast and updates. Have a terrific Friday!