Rain By The End Of The Week

Cold and Cloudy Today

Today’s high temperature won’t really feel like much of a high. We will only reach into the low-30s and the wind will linger around 10 mph throughout the day. Precipitation is not a concern thanks to the high pressure system impacting our area. Make sure to bundle up if you’re heading outside because those cool breezes can make it feel much colder. The low will drop to the mid-20s.

What it will feel like outside today. (via imgflip)

Similar Wednesday

Tomorrow’s conditions will be fairy similar to today’s. That high pressure system will continue to bring us dry conditions for one more day. The high temperature will reach into the upper-30s and winds will be less than 10 mph. Once again, if you are headed outdoors make sure that you are properly clothed with plenty of warm layers. The low temperature will be in the low-20s and precipitation will begin to move into our area during the overnight hours.


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Bundle up, friends. Bundle up. (giphy)

Cold and Rainy Thursday

Thursday will be a bit of a different story. The high temperature will be warmer than today and Wednesday by reaching into the upper-40s. Precipitation is without a doubt on the table for the majority of Thursday and the low temperature is expected to drop to the low-30s. Thankfully, the NAM and GFS currently have the 540 line (freeze line) staying well north of our area. We will keep a close eye on this system and watch the placement of the freeze line. As of right now, it looks like you can expect rain during  your morning commute and your drive home. Grab the rain gear because it’s going to be a cold and soggy day.

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Rain will make its return on Thursday. (via giphy)

That concludes today’s forecast! Have a great day and try to stay warm. Follow @wxornotBG on Facebook and Twitter for live updates and check back as the week progresses in order to get information on the precipitation expected on Thursday.

Another cold, bitter day is in store; rain/storm chances arrive last half of the week.Details in this morning's Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, November 27, 2018