Soggy Start to a Chilly Weekend

A wild weather week is winding down but that doesn’t mean we’re leaving the unsettled weather in the rear-view mirror. The work-week is on the way out as we face a soggy start to a chilly weekend.

Friday’s Soggy Blues

By far, the…least best…of the several weekend days will be today. You’re waking up to a few of those rain showers overspreading the region this morning and that possibility will remain with us through the day, especially the morning hours.

This morning's forecast surface chart. (WPC)
This morning’s forecast surface chart. (WPC)

This system will continue to work eastward into the afternoon, eventually shutting off the bulk of the rain showers and leaving mostly cloudy skies and northwest breezes in their wake. Temperatures start to tumble on the back side of the frontal boundary as a result. Our midday high near 50º starts to tumble into the middle 40s by sundown.

Or fall like this cat off of deck furniture. (Giphy)
Or fall like this cat off of deck furniture. (Giphy)

Temperatures begin to get chilly by tonight, lows tonight fall to around 28º with northwesterly breezes making it feel closer to 20º as those skies slowly begin to clear.

A Sunny, Bright but Chilly Saturday

That cat falling up there is a sign of things to come, at least for thermometers as high pressure begins to edge into the area. Drying us up, clearing us out and dropping those temperatures.

The Big Blue H is back. (WPC)
The Big Blue H is back. (WPC)

When high pressure is west of us, it means our winds will be out of the northwest. Northwesterly winds, because they’re usually from chilly Canada, mean chilly weather filtering into the region.

It's officially time for this gif again. (FOX/Giphy)
It’s officially time for this gif again. (FOX/Giphy)

We’re only going to reach about 40º for a high tomorrow, even under full sunshine. We keep the clear skies overnight as temperatures fall to around 23º.

Improvements for Sunday

High pressure will begin inching east of the area by Sunday, this will result in temperatures warming ahead of our next weathermaker.

The Big Blue H went from Kansas to the Delmarva. (Pivotal Weather)
The Big Blue H went from Kansas to the Delmarva. (Pivotal Weather)

We’ll stay mostly sunny during the day, with temperatures warming up to around 52º. Things start to change overnight as clouds begin to work in, with lows back up to a less bone-chilling 37º.

More Chills into Next Week

Quick look ahead shows more unsettled weather to start the week, including a chance for our first few flakes this season late Monday. After that, things remain steadily chilly with highs only in the 40s and lows into the 20s and 30s. Brrr.

Like this guy. (Giphy)
Like this guy. (Giphy)

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest forecast and updates. Have a terrific Friday!