Two Sunny Days Before Rain Returns On Thursday

Good morning, Kentucky! Today is going to be beautiful with clear skies and comfortable Fall-like temperatures. We will have two sunny days before rain returns on Thursday, so let’s enjoy them!


The high temperature for today will reach the mid-60s. Winds will be out of the southwest and then shift to the northwest as a cold front sweeps across the state later this morning. You can expect sunny skies all day long and no chance of precipitation. The low will dip to the low-40s.

Cool, dry conditions will be coming behind that cold front.
Today will be a perfect Fall day. (giphy)


Wednesday will be slightly cooler than today with high temperatures reaching only into the mid-upper-50s. The winds will still be light and remain out of the northwest. Precipitation is not a worry for today, but increasing cloud cover over night will lead to elongated precipitation chances for our Thursday. The low will drop to the upper-30s. If you have outdoor pets, make sure to pay attention to the temperatures!

A large high pressure system will take over the area by tomorrow. (WPC)
Another perfect Fall day is on its way! (giphy)


By Thursday, rain will have made its way back into the forecast. The high temperature will reach into the upper-40s with rain possibilities starting around the time of your morning commute. As or right now, the entire southcentral Kentucky area has rain chances lasting throughout the majority of the day. The low will drop to the low-40s. With temperatures not getting that high and rain sticking around for most of the day, make sure to dress warm and bring your rain gear.

Rain will move into the area as we start our morning on Thursday. (WPC)
Make sure to dress extra warm today! (giphy)

That does it for today! Make sure to check back tomorrow for another forecast and to follow @wxornotBG on Facebook and Twitter. Have a great day!