Rain Starts Off A Decent Fall Weekend

The latter half of the week so far has featured wonderful weather with mostly sunny skies and 60s in the daytime with chilly conditions at night. Things will continue for the most part as we finish the week but rain starts off a decent fall weekend.

Slightly Soggy Friday

The one caveat in this otherwise nice forecast is a quick-hitting storm system that looks to throw some rain showers our way late today and into tonight.

This evening's forecast surface chart. (WPC)
This evening’s forecast surface chart. (WPC)

After some areas of patchy frost this morning, we’ll see mostly sunny skies gradually become mostly cloudy today as winds shift to the south and west, introducing a little more warmth and a touch of moisture into the atmosphere to work with this evening.

The HRRR thinks you should grab the umbrella if you're headed out to high school football tonight. (Pivotal Weather)
The HRRR thinks you should grab the umbrella if you’re headed out to high school football tonight. (Pivotal Weather)

After a high in the upper 60s to near 70º, the front will sweep through the region. Timing has been waffling a bit but right now the best bet appears to be in the late afternoon to early evening right on through the early overnight. That time frame is otherwise known as “when people do stuff on a Friday night.”

Pictured: "doing stuff" (Giphy)
Pictured: “doing stuff” (Giphy)

Just make sure you have the rain jackets handy. Under cloud cover, temperatures only fall to a low near 50º.

Improvement for Saturday

As the weekend proper gets started, things look to improve, with the last of the showers leaving during the early morning hours and the clouds slowly decreasing behind them, we’re not looking at a bad day.

At least Wakko and Yakko are happy. (Hulu/Giphy)
At least Wakko and Yakko are happy. (Hulu/Giphy)

As the clouds slowly decrease, temperatures will rise back into the lower-60s for daytime highs, even behind the front with breezy westerly winds. Not a bad evening to, say, head out to the WKU game at The Houch. Just keep the jacket handy because the temperature will tumble through the 50s and 40s in the evening before settling around 35º for a low.


A Chilly, Sunny Sunday

Patchy frost will be a distinct possibility to start Sunday after such chilly temperatures Saturday night and we’ll see a reasonably chilly day for Sunday as well.

When the cold's back. (Giphy)
When the cold’s back. (Giphy)

We’ll experience a reinforcing shot of cold air along with some stout breezes that will keep highs in the lower 50s even under full sunshine. The chill remains overnight as we drop down back into the lower 30s, with a shot at more frost. Brr.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest forecast and updates. Have a terrific Friday!