High Temps and Some Rain Coming Our Way

Hot, muggy through Tuesday, likely rain Wednesday, followed by the arrival of FALL temperatures!Full details in this morning's Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Monday, October 8, 2018

Hello and happy Monday! I hope you all had a terrific weekend. Summer weather will be continuing into this week with high temps and rain coming our way. Don’t worry, some promising fall weather is coming our way.


Things are starting off hot with temps in the 70s. Road conditions are looking clear and dry. The humidity will hit you right when you step foot outside. Some clouds in the sky, however plenty of clear sky for that sun to start heating things up and at a fast rate, may I add. Models are showing the temperature hitting 80‎° around 9 o’clock this morning.

Currently Sunny and Dry h/t White Squirrel Weather
Currently Sunny and Dry h/t White Squirrel Weather

Today’s Expectations

High pressure is currently overhead, making way for clear conditions and constant southeasterly winds. The temperature may increase to scorching temperatures as high as 90‎°. With the high dew points in the high-60s, even 70s, outside conditions are going to be uncomfortable. Winds are not going to be much of relief with light winds speeds expected.

Today's high dew points hitting this evening h/t Pivotal Weather
Today’s high dew points hitting this evening h/t Pivotal Weather

Make sure to keep hydrated and find some shade (or air conditioning) when you can. We have slight rain and thunderstorm chances this evening, which could be a slight relief.

Tonight will be on the warmer side, as well. Temperatures will slowly decrease and stay in the 70s for the most part.

Same Story on Tuesday

A continued story of the heat and humidity will carry into Tuesday. The temperatures are expected to reach into the high-80s and winds are drawing in that heat and moisture from the southeast. Winds will be a tad high in speeds, however, not looking like much of a relief. Clouds may cause some shade here and there; lots of sunshine throughout the day.

Summer's theme song h/t giphy
Summer’s theme song h/t giphy

Tomorrow night is looking hot and humid, as well. The low temperatures will sit in the low-70s and rain chances will start increasing as Wednesday morning approaches.

Wednesday Late Cool Down

Wednesday will start out pretty hot. Temperatures will be in the low-80s and a chance of rain will remain throughout the entire day. Wednesday evening, however, will be a different story. A cold front is expected to push through our area. The winds are going to shift into the northwest; which means cooler, northern air.

Cold front pushing in Wednesday evening h/t Pivotal Weather
Cold front pushing in Wednesday evening (around 7pm) h/t Pivotal Weather

Rest of Your Week…

Things are looking to cool off later this week. From Thursday and on, temperatures are looking to range in the low-60s. Along with lower temperatures come even lower dewpoints. Overall, we have some high temps and rain coming our way on Wednesday, the cooler temperatures after.

My feelings about fall-ish weather approaching h/t giphy
My feelings about fall-ish weather approaching h/t giphy

That is all I have for y’all! Make sure to stop by tomorrow for Tuesday’s forecast. Make sure to keep updated on Twitter by following @wxornotbg.

Have a great day and thank you for visiting.

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