Rain Returns to Cool Us Down

It has been a scorcher out there this week, but as we head into the start of astronomical fall, it’s going to start feeling ore like fall as rain returns to cool us down.

Rain Chances Ramp Up Friday

A cold front is approaching the region as we start this Friday and that means a change in our hot and humid conditions.

I am READY! (Giphy)
I am READY! (Giphy)

This is the same cold front that was sparking off some severe weather across the northern plains yesterday and while we’re not expecting anything like that, we could experience a few good soakings and maybe a strong wind gust or two.

This morning's forecast surface chart. (WPC)
This morning’s forecast surface chart. (WPC)

Breezy southwest winds will keep the heat and humidity with us into the early afternoon hours, with a high somewhere near 90º before those showers and storms arrive to cool us off. Low temperatures won’t fall much below 65º tonight with rain chances continuing.

Darn Damp Saturday

Rain showers will be a persistent theme as we head into the weekend proper, so keep those umbrellas handy.

Preferably in the upright position. (Giphy)
Preferably in the upright position. (Giphy)

The forecast for tomorrow hinges on where this cold front hangs up, whether that’s to our north or right over us. Last night’s run of the NAM wants to keep that stripe just to our north for the day tomorrow, limiting us to just scattered showers.

Again, this is just one model solution. (Pivotal Weather)
Again, this is just one model solution. (Pivotal Weather)

In any case, we’ll be socked in with clouds and that will lead to highs only topping out somewhere in the 75º range. We’ll keep the clouds and showers around for the overnight, when we only get to about 65º again for a low.

Soaker of a Sunday

Rinse and repeat.

Get it? Rinse? Because it's still raining. (Giphy)
Get it? Rinse? Because it’s still raining. And repeat because you’re seeing this gif again. (Giphy)

Although for the day on Sunday, the front looks to get a little closer to the area, lending us the heaviest precipitation shield to close out the weekend.

The ride to church looks a bit soggy. (Pivotal Weather)
The ride to church looks a bit soggy. (Pivotal Weather)

Won’t rain all day but scattered to numerous showers, some containing some heavy rain, will be possible throughout the day and continuing into the nighttime hours. Temperatures won’t move much as highs top out around 71º but lows falling back to near 65º. At least it’ll feel a little more like fall.

Looking Ahead

The pattern ahead suggests more rain chances but at the same time, weather a bit more consistent with late September. Model indications right now are still indicating the possibility of a pretty strong front sliding through somewhere around midweek that could bring a renewed chance for thunderstorms but more comfortable weather on the other side. Plenty of time to watch.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest forecast and updates. Have a terrific Friday!