Incoming Cold Front Brings Thunderstorm Chances

Scattered storm chances arrive today, hang around for the foreseeable future. Details in this morning's Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Good morning, Kentucky! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. We have an incoming cold front that’s bringing thunderstorm chances over the next few days. The cold front is currently to our northwest and is creeping southeast toward our area and will impact our weather with thunderstorm chances throughout the rest of this week.

Today’s high will be in the low-90s with dew points in the low-70s. This sweltering heat and uncomfortably high dew points will make the air feel hot and sticky. Winds will be light out of the southwest and as for rain, you can expect isolated afternoon thunderstorms like usual. The morning looks to be clear for the commute to work, but the afternoon has the possibility for some isolated storms so be prepared for that.

This is how thrilled I am about today’s hot temperatures. (tenor)
That cold front will make its way into our area and start impacting our weather by this afternoon. (WPC)


Thursday will have us feeling the effects of that cold front by dropping our high temperature down into the mid-80s (thank goodness, I know). Dew points will still be in the low-70s, which is not the best of news, but a lower high temperature for the day definitely can’t hurt. As that cold front moves through the winds will shift almost 180° throughout the course of the day from southwesterly to northeasterly. Thunderstorm chances will be the greatest during the morning and early afternoon hours. Your Thursday evening looks to be clear but those storm possibilities will ramp back up by Friday morning.

The surface map shows the cold front bringing more thunderstorm chances to the area on Thursday. (WPC)
I’m pumped about these slightly cooler temperatures. (giphy)


Those coolish temperatures (even though it’s summer and these temperatures are still rather hot) will stick around for Friday thanks to that cold front. Highs will be around the mid-high 80s with dew points still in the low-70s. We will have southeasterly winds throughout the day and a slight chance of thunderstorms that, as of right now, looks to linger for the majority of Friday daylight hours. By the evening, however, those chances should dissipate. As for your weekend, thunderstorm chances will return on Saturday.

Storms will be scattered again on Friday. (WPC)
I’m happy about the lower high for today but not so much about the scattered showers. (giphy)

That concludes your Wednesday forecast! Follow @wxornotBG for live weather updates. Have a great day!