Rainy Saturday and a Sunny Sunday

Hello Kentucky and good morning. Hope your weekend is off to a great start. Looks like a Rainy Saturday and a Sunny Sunday for this late-August weekend. Currently, the road conditions are dry with temperatures in the low-70s.

Current Temperatures h/t Kentucky Mesonet
Current Temperatures h/t Kentucky Mesonet

Showers may come and go in the early-afternoon, however, the clouds may clear out and allow the sun to shine by the evening. Temperatures will heat up today and it may seem muggy at times, as dew points will be fluctuating around the 70°F mark.  The highest temperature is expected to reach into the high-80s, which could potentially increase the heat index to 90°F.

Today’s surface chart shows south-central Kentucky being in the warm sector of the low-pressure system to our northwest. Warm fronts are known to create some lift throughout our atmosphere, resulting in moderate showers. For comparison, the cold fronts tend to initiate stronger storms than what a warm front would initiate.

The low temperature for tonight will be in the mid to high-70s with light winds. Still, a tad muggy but overall beautiful night.

Sunshine on Sunday

All sorts of weather is forecasted for tomorrow. The morning will start out nice, then thunderstorm chances will increase as the days goes on. Along with temperatures, moisture will also be high. High moisture and temperatures will mean a high heat index; tomorrow’s expected to increase into the high 90’s and maybe hit 100°F.

The low temperature for tomorrow night will drop into the mid-70s. Another clear night is in store for Kentucky as we wrap up the weekend.


Monday and so on…

This weekend will be rainy Saturday and a sunny Sunday but the upcoming work week looks like a period of higher temperatures and more rain. Storms here and there and plenty of sunshine. Temperatures will be in the upper-80s and possibly even 90s. Dew points may be high too, making for an uncomfortable environment. Make sure to stay cool and hydrated as temperatures rise.

That is all I have for your Saturday forecast! Have a great weekend and make sure to enjoy the sun while it’s out. Also, follow @wxornotBG on Twitter to keep updated with the latest weather conditions.

See you tomorrow! h/t giphy.com
Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow! h/t giphy.com