Comfortable Weather Moves in for Midweek


I can see clearly now, the rain is gone! And I’ll be singing that throughout the day today since high pressure moves in as comfortable weather moves in for midweek.

Wonderful Weather Wednesday

The front is passed us and that means high pressure is now asserting control and you can’t ask for better weather.

Been a minute, northern plains high pressure. (Pivotal Weather)
Been a minute, northern plains high pressure. (Pivotal Weather)

And I mean just exquisite. Afternoon high temperatures will hover around the 80º mark with much lower humidity. We’ll thank northwesterly winds and partly cloudy skies for our great atmospheric fortune this afternoon.

Jeff Spicoli has comments regarding today's weather. (Giphy)
Jeff Spicoli has comments regarding today’s weather. (Giphy)

Because of the lower humidity, we’ll see lows right around 60º or so at night but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few upper 50s in spots.

Thursday Repeat

Get ready to do the whole thing all over again tomorrow because the great weather will stick around once again.

When you walk outside and it's still nice. (Giphy)
When you walk outside and it’s still nice. (Giphy)

It’s going to be one of those days where the kids need the light jacket in the morning that they’ll proceed to forget and leave at school in the afternoon. This is simply fantastic weather, especially since we’re approaching late August. Mostly sunny skies, comfortable temps near 80º and lower humidity will stay with us.

Elaine and George, what say you? (Giphy)
Elaine and George, what say you? (Giphy)

Once again, overnight lows right around 60º under clear skies.

Still Mostly Lovely Friday

Another jacket morning for the kiddos to end the week but changes will be afoot during the day on Friday.

(Hallmark Channel/Giphy)
(Hallmark Channel/Giphy)

Winds will shift back to the south and start building the heat and humidity back into the region but only gradually. It will still be nice with mostly sunny skies and comfortable with temperatures around 85º and dew points in the lower 60s.


This sets up changes as we head towards the weekend as scattered storm chances return…but don’t worry about those now and enjoy the great weather!

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest. Have a terrific Wednesday!