Scattered Storms for Saturday, Storms Skedaddle for Sunday

After the end of the week featured storms at times, Mother Nature’s not quite done throwing atmospheric temper tantrums. Expect more scattered storms for Saturday, storms skedaddle for Sunday.

Saturday’s Storminess

We’re still dealing with a pesky frontal boundary hung up throughout the commonwealth to kick off the weekend.

Out, darn cold front! (WPC)

This, combined with ample moisture and early day sunshine will cause more scattered thunderstorms to bubble up around the area in the afternoon.

The NAM likes the 1-4pm time frame for storms to go up. (Pivotal Weather)

No severe weather is expected with these storms but they’ll likely produce lots of lightning and ample amounts of rainfall. Outside of any storms, storms stay partly to mostly sunny with highs right around 90º. Once the now-stationary boundary makes it’s retreat southward, clouds should begin to diminish, but low will only fall to around 67º.

“They Sang Into Yonder Can and Skedaddled!”

The storms, that is.

Okay, but hear me out. (Okay, I’m a big fan of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?) (Giphy)

But the stationary front will have cleared the area, allowing northwesterly flow into the area and shutting down the storm chances, at least temporarily.

Forecast surface chart for tomorrow morning. (WPC)

This will usher in slightly lower dew points, so despite highs near 90º again, it will feel better outside. If only a touch.

(Hallmark Channel/Giphy)

A nice day to hit the pool as mostly sunny skies will grace us with their presence to close out the weekend. Temps Sunday night, under mostly clear skies, fall to around 65º again.

More of the Same for Monday

Similar conditions will exist for the start of the new work week as well. The stationary front will try to come back northward as a warm front and try to give us a few more clouds for Monday, but otherwise…much the same.

You might need to cool off, though. (MLB Advanced Media)

Highs right around 90º once again under mostly sunny skies, but humidity levels will be increasing throughout the day as our next chance for wet weather later on in the week.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest. Have a terrific Saturday!