Thunderstorm Chances For The Next Few Days

Scattered storm chances early become more isolated as we get into the afternoon. Details in this morning's Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Good morning, Kentucky! We have thunderstorm chances for the next few days with some lower dew points thanks to the passing of a cold front.

Today you can expect the high to reach the low-80s with semi-muggy air because of dew points in the high-60s. There won’t be much of a breeze today due to the less than 10 MPH winds that will be coming in out of the west. As for rain, we have about a 50% chance of thunderstorms today. Our thunderstorm chances will remain as we head into the evening hours and into Wednesday. Expect lows in the upper-60s.

This map shows we have thunderstorms chances as of 7:00 AM. (WPC)
Thunderstorm chances will be scattered throughout the day as that low pressure system moves to the northeast. (Pivotal Weather)


Highs are only expected to reach into the low-80s with dew points in the mid-60s (hallelujah). The low will dip down to the mid-60s. As of right now it looks like we are going to have a chance of thunderstorms throughout the entire day.

More thunderstorm chances will impact the area on Wednesday. (WPC)
Dew points in the mid-60s are going to feel so good! (Pivotal Weather)
My reaction when dew points aren’t in the 70s. (giphy)


On Thursday we will see highs in the mid-80s with dew points in the mid-60s. There is a chance for thunderstorms during the morning and afternoon hours and the low will drop to the mid-60s.

Thunderstorm chances continue into Thursday. (WPC)
Thursday will be another day with bearable dew points! (Pivotal Weather)
Snoop Dogg is excited about these dew points. (giphy)

That wraps up your Tuesday forecast! Have a great rest of the day and follow @wxornotBG for live weather updates. We’ll see you back here tomorrow!