Summer Heat is Back in Full Force

Lower humidity visited us yesterday but unfortunately, it’s checking out the hotel this morning and skedaddling (to borrow from the National Hurricane Center) on out of here. In it’s place, summer heat is back in full force.

Pa always said, never trust a Hogwollop lower humidity regime in July. (Giphy)

Frying Day

Yes, I’m going there again.


Upper high pressure will dominate the forecast and that means dry skies but the summer heat continues as we start to increase the humidity as we start to ever so slightly increase the dew points again.

The H also apparently stands for heat. (WPC)

For us, that means mostly sunny skies overhead with high temperatures right around 90º once again today, but the increase in humidity means heat indices closer to 95º are possible as well. Overnight, we’ll only drop to about 70º for a low as we prepare for a toasty Saturday.

Sweltering Saturday

Heat returns back into the concerning category for the day on Saturday. High pressure will slowly shift on off to the east, and this means winds switch back to the south. And, of course, that means an increase in heat and humidity.


High temperatures will top out around 94º with dew points well into the lower 70s. These will combine for heat index values closer to 105º. One of those frequent breaks and plenty of water days if you’re going to be outside.

When you're outside for 5 minutes on Saturday. (Tenor)
When you’re outside for 5 minutes on Saturday. (Tenor)

Unfortunately, we’ll be dry and that means no scattered thunderstorms to break the stifling heat and humidity out there. Even at night we’re only going to fall back to about 72º for a low. Full stop summer.

Storm Chances Return Sunday

Well, we meet again rain chances.

John Goodman’s bellowing scream from Raising Arizona optional. (Giphy)

An advancing weather system will move in from the northwest and kick this high pressure out of the way and combine with ample moisture and instability to bubble up some scattered afternoon thunderstorms.

Welcome back. (Pivotal Weather)
Welcome back. (Pivotal Weather)

Nothing too strong or anything, but these thunderstorms will likely be efficient rainfall producers, so keep that in mind. Outside of thunderstorms, we’ll still get to around a sweltering 90º but that’ll drop quick if you catch a storm. Storm chances will continue overnight and into the new work week. Low overnight only around 75º.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest. Have a terrific Friday!